Wilmington homeowner falls victim to ‘garden grinch’
Wilmington Homeowner Falls Victim To 'garden Grinch'
Philip Reynolds walks in his garden (Photo: WWAY)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man is claiming a “garden grinch” has been at work in his yard. In the last month, he says he has become a victim of theft and vandalism.

Philip Reynolds has lived at his home on Long Leaf Hills Drive from more than 20 years. He says on multiple occasions someone has come to his home, dumped his plants out of ceramic pots, breaking some and taking others. He says several tools for his home have also been taken.

Reynolds says he has put additional security measures into place, and has blocked the entrance to his yard and driveway to deter the suspects from taking any more of his property.

“It’s aesthetics, I surrounded all of my trees, and it was a lot more work when you have plants in them. It looks good –of every size. They took little, all the way to stuff you can’t pick up without two people. I hope someone reports you is all I can say. It’s ridiculous, I’m older, somewhat handicapped, it’s my hobby,” said Philip Reynolds, Wilmington resident.

Reynolds has been in contact with Wilmington Police, and says he has filed a police report in hopes of catching whoever is taking things from his yard.