How a solid live edge wood dining table can boost your home cost (Sponsored content from Tina Vob)

The table is a mandatory element in every family. It is used for tasting food and drinks, communicating and solving the most important issues in the family or the office, or simply used as a table for decoration. A well-chosen table will not only delight you with its exquisite design but will add a touch of style to your kitchen or living room.

At world furniture shows, designers offer tables made of various materials, with additional functions for both apartments and houses, as well as for offices and coffee shops. To understand whether wood products are suitable for you, we will help you understand the advantages and features of this material.

Tables made of wood are an irreplaceable classic. With proper and careful care, a solid classic wooden dining table will serve you for a long time and become a good legacy for your children and grandchildren. Currently, tables are made of oak, yew, birch, linden, pear, and other tree species. The most impressive yet expensive living edge dining table is made of solid wood, but you can buy a table veneered with natural wood with MDF or chipboard. The quality of such tables with proper care is not worse, they are more stable in operation, and the price is much lower. 

Advantages of wooden tables

The kitchen table should be ergonomic, practical, and comfortable. In addition, it should be aesthetic, because usually residents of a small city apartment in the kitchen not only have lunch but also read, work and communicate. Wood is the material that will look expensive and refined in your kitchen. Wooden products add comfort and create a relaxation zone.

Why will wood itself add an expensive look to your home?

  1. Wood is a very beautiful and unique material, all solid wood tables are exclusive because no two trees are the same.
  2. You can order a table with a transparent lacquer coating, tinted or painted in any color, it will always fit well into the interior.
  3. Any table design is available from wood (square, rectangular, round, oval, asymmetric), originally shaped legs, additional shelves, as well as a multifunctional table – a transformer. It is fashionable to even make a kitchen table from wood. Carving elements will also add uniqueness and sophistication to your chosen style.
  4. Solid wood dining tables are made moisture-resistant, with special treatment against pests and mold.
  5. Live edge tables are ecological, and retain a pleasant smell on the premises, which is good for health.
  6. Wooden tables are easy to restore, you can repaint or replace some parts of the table, so they are durable.
  7. Wood tables are classic and never go out of style.
  8. Table tops made of wood can be combined with forged or chrome legs, with glass, metal elements, or natural stone, which makes the design of the table original and unique.

It is the cost that makes many think about whether it is worth buying such furniture. Before making a final decision, it should be noted that, unlike glass or plastic, solid wood tables in the living room will last much longer even with active use. At the same time, their appearance will remain as attractive as on the first day after purchase. Therefore, wooden dining tables are objectively the best choice, even though their price is higher. They are resistant to minor mechanical damage and do not require additional decoration due to their unique natural pattern. 

Features of wood

Oak is a hard and strong wood. Oak dining tables retain the appearance of a new item for a long time – they do not deform or rot. In addition, you can easily repaint the tired color of the product yourself. The specific porosity of ash makes this wood an ideal material for creating the effect of patinated furniture. Its natural texture is so attractive to the eye that it does not require any additional tinting except for finishing with colorless varnish.

The energy of beech has a very favorable effect on a person. Furniture made of this type of wood gives a person physical strength and a positive emotional charge. It should be noted that beech is one of the most valuable breeds. It is also as reliable as oak. In addition, beech is a durable and strong tree that resists all kinds of influences quite persistently. It belongs to hard rocks and all things made of it differ in strength.

Caring for wooden tables

Furniture, in the manufacture of which natural wood was used, is characterized by aesthetic appearance, environmental friendliness, increased strength, and reliability of the structure. And to preserve the operational properties, as well as the attractiveness of the table, manufacturers recommend following elementary rules for wood care. Environmental factors can leave an unpleasant impression on the product without proper care. Even protective impregnation cannot resist numerous negative effects. You should take care not only of where to buy a wooden table for the kitchen but also how to care for it.

  • It is necessary to maintain a constant temperature in the room – moisture and cold cause the wood to crack and become covered with mold.
  • Wooden furniture cannot be kept in the sun for a long time – it warps and loses its color.
  • Stains from food and drinks are absorbed into the wooden surface of the tabletop and cannot always be removed, so it is undesirable to cook food on a wooden table without covering the tabletop.
  • Tabletops made of softwood are not durable, it is undesirable to carve tabletops in such tables.
  • Handprints remain on varnished surfaces – special care products for wooden tables are necessary.

On the market today, you can find many household chemicals for the care of wooden furniture. When buying spray, polish, wax, and other products, pay attention to the composition, as well as the instructions for use. Chemistry should not contain silicone and all of it is produced, which contributes to the accelerated aging of the tree.

Buying a wooden table: what to consider

A well-chosen live edge dining table will solve many issues related to spatial organization and kitchen interior design. If you are planning a purchase, you should consider the following recommendations:

If you have a large family, then you need to buy a table according to the number of its members and add one or two seats. If the family gets together only on weekends or holidays, then a folding or sliding table will be an excellent alternative. It usually does not take up much space, but its size can be quickly increased as needed.

Kitchen tables are oval, round, square, or rectangular. Note that round and oval tables cannot be pushed close to the wall, square tables are designed for 2-4 people, and rectangular tables are the most convenient. They can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.

The table can be made entirely of solid wood, but the most practical option is a wooden frame and a tabletop made of more durable and mechanically resistant material. Oak, beech, ash, and other species are used to make tables.

The kitchen table should become an organic part of the interior. At the same time, it can be an accent (highlighted by color, texture, or shape) or in the same design as other furniture. There are wood products on sale with a preserved texture (lacquered and other transparent compounds) or painted. For a table made of natural wood to last as long as possible, it is worth using special products for cleaning wooden products, protective polishes, etc.

What makes a perfect live edge dining table UK? It’s a combination of great looks, excellent quality, and style that suits the room it’s in. You also have to think about how you use it. Do you regularly gather with large groups of friends and family members, or do you and your significant other dine mostly? This will determine the size of the kitchen live edge wooden dining table you need. Find a table for your dining space, and create a place where you will enjoy dining and gathering together with our kitchen and dining tables from Planet Furniture. Our tables made of natural wood are made in different stylistic directions, so you can find a style that best suits your space.

Modern homes with modern decor almost always benefit from a modern dining table. Now it’s all about light colors, shiny surfaces, and perfectly even edges. This look is perfect for a modern home, especially one with multiple light sources, as the shiny, reflective surfaces come to life when illuminated.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, you can’t go wrong with a heavy solid wood dining table. There’s something nice about the clatter of a plate full of food on those massive countertops whet your appetite, and with a quality wooden dining table, it’s a feeling you get every time you use it. We have many wooden tables in different styles, so take a look and you will find the one that suits your dining room.

Which wood should you choose?

Solid wood is actively used for the manufacture of wooden tables. It is divided into two varieties:

Each type is endowed with specific features, advantages, and disadvantages that should be known in advance to understand exactly which table is suitable for a wooden classic kitchen or any other style of room.

Softwood species include conifers (pine, cedar, spruce, fir, juniper).

Also, chestnut, willow, and alder materials belong to the category of soft grade. Rowan, apple, beech, elm, and other deciduous species are distinguished among the hard varieties of trees. Each variety has its characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, which endow finished structures. When choosing consumables, manufacturers pay special attention to the density of the array. The method of raw material processing directly depends on this indicator. A table made of softwood needs multi-layer protective painting while for a similar item of inter