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It’s easy to spend lots of time in your living room and bedroom, so it makes total sense that you’d want those spaces to feel nice and like they’re yours. Sure, some parts of the house are more functional than others — like the kitchen and bathroom — but the living room and bedroom are practically blank canvases, which makes them ideal places for personalization and decoration. In my own home, my favorite art hangs in my living room, and my headboard has shelves which are basically where I put my favorite books and knick-knacks. Of course, those aren’t the only things in there, but I mention them in particular so you know I totally understand the impulse to curate home spaces.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cheap things out there for the bedroom and living room that are effing amazing — and many of them are on this list. In fact, I’ve just gotten over my most recent urge to shift things around and re-arrange the furniture in my living room, but some of the things in this collection have me reconsidering — like the micro-suede poof covers and the storage baskets that come in coordinating sets because, who doesn’t love a coordinating basket set?

So be warned: You may be tempted to add these to your cart, too. Happy decorating and re-modeling.


A Touch-Controlled USB Lamp That Also Charges Your Phone

How many lamps is too many lamps? When it come to this touch-controlled table lamp, you’ll want one for every room in the house. The modern shape combined with dimmable and brightening features — along with USB plugs for easy phone charging — make it a great choice for any home. Plus, it’s available in four colors.


This Alarm Clock With A Projector That Puts The Time On The Wall

If your standard-sized alarm clock is no longer cutting it, you may want to take note. This LED display alarm clock projects the time onto the wall across your room, so you can’t miss it. It also has some great additional features, like ability to set two alarms, a sleek mirrored surface, along with traditional snooze and radio options.


These Satin Pillowcases For The Most Luxe Sleep Experience Ever

Whether you enjoy satin pillowcases for the skincare and haircare benefits (or for the smooth surface they provide), you’re in luck. These pillowcases are comparable to silk, but without the higher costs. Four different sizes are available, and they come in more than 20 colors. You’ll be in good company, too: More than 195,000 buyers have given them an average rating of 4.5 stars.


This Set Of Planters For Sleek & Contemporary Plant Displays

If you ask me, plants are pretty much always a good idea. These plastic planter pots and saucers have a sleek, modern look (but without the high price tag of more bougie sets on the market). Three different colors and four different sizes are available, and each set comes with small, medium, and large planters. All of these have drainage holes that are supported by the fitted saucers.


These Corduroy Throw Pillow Covers That’ll Transform Your Couch

The texture of these corduroy throw pillow covers makes for a cozy upgrade to your couch or bed. They’re offered in packs of two — and there are 10 different sizes as well as 18 different colors available (including neutrals, pastels, and brights). Plus, the hidden zipper enclosure keeps them securely in place while still allowing for easy removal.


A Wireless Charger That Makes It Super Easy To Keep Your Phone Battery Full

This subtle wireless charger works with a range of devices — including phones and earbuds — and alleviates the need to search around for cords and plugs. It’s available in white, black, and navy blue, and you can buy it in single or double packs. A USB cable is included, too.


This Sleek Geometric Tray For Loose Items Around The House

This unique tray with geometric accents is perfect for holding jewelry, makeup, and other essentials on your nightstand, dresser, or even on an end table by your front door. It even has a linen base that’s soft on your items, and it’s available in brass and nickel. Plus, it measures roughly 11 inches by 8 inches.


A Luxurious Throw Blanket For Dreamy Napping

If you ask me, a cozy, soft woven throw adds texture and comfort to your bed, couch, or reading nook. This gorgeous blanket is available in three snuggly sizes and in 26 rich colors, including multiple earth tones and jewel tones that accentuate all kinds of interior design styles. Plus, it’s machine washable and durable.


These Prints With Gorgeous Green Botanical Artwork

In my opinion, a set of watercolor plant prints is a timeless, elegant choice that can stand on its own or fill in a gallery. Each of these prints comes on white cardstock and measures is 8 inches by 10 inches, which is a versatile size that makes for easy framing and positioning on your wall.


This Simple, Yet Decorative Frame Set With That Puts Your Memories On Display

If you have an array of art and photos you’ve been meaning to frame, you’re not alone (ahem). This versatile, practical set of frames is an easy way to tie multiple pieces together into a cohesive look as part of a gallery wall or on their own separate display. These sets of four come in two sizes, there are five color options to pick from.


A Chic Linen Organizer For Your Keys, Sunglasses & More

This cotton and linen organizer has wooden dowel and cord for hanging, making for a more stylish appearance than other wall hangers on the market. It’s equal parts form and function, with five pockets that hold all your necessities. In total, it’s just under 18 inches tall and 14 inches wide, and it’s great for dorms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more.


These Outlet Covers That Double As LED Night Lights

These clever night light outlet covers snap on to outlets and emit a soft LED light. They work great by kitchen counters for subtle illumination without taking away precious plugs for appliances, or in hallways to guide you to the bathroom when you’re sleepy. They come in white, black, ivory, and light almond shades.


A Set Of Versatile Coasters Made With Acacia Wood & Cork

This stackable set of coasters is made with wood and cork, so they’ll subtly and easily fit into your home. With a total diameter that’s just under 4 inches in total (and a roughly 3-inch cork surface), they comfortably fit a range of glass and cup sizes.


A Cozy, Clever Cat Hammock That Suctions To Your Window

If your cat likes to stare out the window, their lives (and yours) are about to vastly improve. This cat hammock installs with suction cups directly on the glass, giving them the perfect view of the neighborhood (as long as they’re 30 pounds or less, because that’s what the platform can hold). The happy reviews from cat owners (and included photos) make me wish they made these for people.


These Floating Book Shelves That Create Space Out Of Thin Air

If the idea of a traditional bookcase is not your thing, allow me to show you these floating bookshelves. When holding books, these three shelves are nearly invisible, giving your books all the attention. You can buy a set of three or a single shelf, and they come in silver or white.


A Curtain Of Twinkle Lights That Makes Your Space Cozy & Blissful

If anyone needs me, I’ll just be posing for endless selfies next to this gorgeous curtain of twinkle lights. It comes in both warm white and rainbow color options, and each set is controlled by a remote with multiple settings like flash and slow fade. Plus, they’re waterproof, so they can be used outside, too.


These Corner Shelves To Make The Most Of Every Nook In Your Home

A set of corner shelves can tie a room together like few other things. With multiple colors available — as well as corner cut-outs to allow cords to sneak through — these shelves are versatile and practical. Plus, the hardware for installation is included, and reviewers say that they’re easy to mount.


This Round Mirror You’ll Love To See Hanging On Your Wall

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the best mirror shape of all? This circular mirror, available in black and gold, brings an element of style and class to an otherwise standard wall decoration. With a 12-inch diameter and all included hardware for installation, the hardest part will be choosing where to hang it.


The Folding Bed Tray That Doubles As A Work Desk

A folding lap desk is not merely a WFH accessory; it’s a great choice for eating, crafting, writing, and using tablets. This one also has a slot that’s perfectly positioned to prop up screens without taking up extra space on the desk surface, and the legs fold up for easy storage in between uses (if you can tear yourself away).


This Floor Lamp For Industrial Vibes In Your Living Room

Warning: You’ll might be tempted to sit under this floor lamp anytime you have a new idea. Of course, it’s also good for decorative and lighting purposes. It’s 63 inches tall, making it perfect for a spot next to your couch or another favorite reading spot. It’s also corded and turns on with a simple tap of the floor pedal.


A Round Footstool Cover That’s Made With Chic Faux Suede

You know those old blankets or towels that never get used? Now they can can have a new second life as the perfect ottoman filling. This faux suede poof cover not only looks super cute when it’s in use, but it can be filled with your choice of soft material. The zipper enclosure is easy to access on the bottom, so adjustments are simple, too.


This Comfy Memory Foam Pillow To Help Support Proper Alignment

Side sleepers, assemble: This leg and knee support pillow is a game changer. It’s designed to help alleviate pressure on your back and spine caused by certain side-sleeping positions. The inside is made of ventilated memory foam to help prevent overheating, and an included cover is removable and washable.


A Fabric Shade For Blocking Light & Updating Your Windows

Available in white and natural color options, these cordless fabric window shades handle multiple things for you at once. They provide privacy, block light, and dress up a bare window. You can trim them yourself, and they can be hung without any tools (thanks to their simple peel-and-stick method).


A Modern Side Table You Can Slide Into Nearly Any Space

When you need a small surface within an arm’s reach, this slim end table has you covered. It’s ideal for drinks and food by the couch, and it works well as a nightstand or side table by the front door. It has an oak surface, and you can choose white or black for the legs.


This Sunset Projection Lamp To Bring A Vacation Into Your Living Room

If you’ve been itching to completely change the mood of your space, you may want to sit down for this one. This sunset projection lamp offers easy statement lighting with the flip of a switch, suitable for a chill night in, a party atmosphere, and everything in between. Multiple color options are available (personally, I’m into sun beach).


A Slim Rolling Cart That’s As Cute As It Is Functional

When it comes to possibilities for a tiered rolling cart like this one, the limit does not exist. Unlike other similar carts on the market, this one is just over 5 inches wide, and its slim design allows you to use it in narrow spaces. It comes in white, grey, and black.


This Elegant Accent Rug That Comes In Various Different Colors

This elegant and versatile rug has a pattern that can blend into nearly any decor style, and it comes in 10 different colors — including an especially gorgeous rainbow option. Plus, there are nearly 40 different choices available for size and shape, and many reviewers rave about its durability and a nearly magical ability to resist stains.


A Marble-Inspired Side Table That You Can Put Right Onto Your Couch

This marble-printed sofa table attaches right to the arm of your couch, so your drink, phone, and remote are never more than an arm’s length away. The pattern is sleek and simple, and it’s available in two shapes: a circular version with a diameter just under 10 inches, and an octagon that’s just over 12 inches.


These Sheer, Leafy Drapes That Look Like Real Vines

If you love the idea of plants in your decor, then these sheer vine-inspired drapes might be perfect for you. Nine different colors are available, including multiple green choices as well as other fun pastels — and four sizes are offered so you can find the exact fit for your space.


These Floating Shelves Made With Chic, Rustic Wood Bases

These rustic floating shelves are unique because you can hang them with the brackets above or below the wooden bases, giving you two different looks from the same set. Each of the three shelves is a different size, ranging between roughly 12 inches through 17 inches, and there are eight color options available.


These Cotton-Wick Soy Candles With Too Many Scents To Choose From

It’s hard to say what the best thing is about these Lulu Candles soy candles; the simple packaging, the slow burn, or the delightful scents available (like Pineapple Evergreen, Blueberry Cobbler, and Midnight in Paris). You can try one at a time, or select a few since they look great on their own or displayed together.


A Lavender-Scented Eye Mask That You Can Warm Up Or Cool Down

This eye pillow takes all the best parts of an eye mask, and then adds the soothing scent of lavender. A rainbow of jewel-toned colors are available for the mask’s cover, and you can also opt for a strap if you don’t always rest flat on your back. Plus, it’s microwaveable and freezable.


This Makeup Organizer Made With Clear Acrylic

If you ask me, displaying your makeup collection is almost as enjoyable as using your makeup collection — and this acrylic makeup organizer makes an excellent display. It has nine different compartments that hold makeup and tools of all sizes, and it super durable as well as easy to clean.


A Magnetic Glasses Holder Lined With Soft Faux Fur

Have you ever wanted to hug your glasses? Now you can, with a plush eyeglasses holder. It’s lined with soft faux fur and is available with a range of cover patterns, including multiple pastels and florals. It’s magnetic, too, so you can attach and detach the holder and the base whenever you need to.


A Sleek Humidifier With Adjustable Airflow & Auto-Shutoff

Humidifiers offer a lot of benefits, but it can be tricky to find one that’s not bulky or designed for kids. This cool mist humidifier in black is a more subtle, elegant option than many of its competitors. The best part? It still offers many of the same features, including a 2.5-liter tank, adjustable air flow, and auto-shutoff.


These Soft Drawer Organizers That Keep All Your Essentials In Place

A soft and light alternative to plastic drawer bins, this fabric drawer organizer fits right in with your clothes and keeps everything perfectly stored in nine equal compartments. It measures 14 by 12 inches and is 4 inches tall, making it perfect for sorting socks, underwear, bras, and more.


A Trio Of Cute Storage Baskets That Are Equal Parts Form & Function

If you acquire some adorable baskets, you’ll probably find ways to use them (sorry, I don’t make the rules). This is good news because this set of three round storage baskets is hard to resist. The baskets are each a unique size, but the differences are subtle — and there are four colors to choose from, including at two-toned style with woven rope and colorful pom markings.


This Clever Couch Blocker So Nothing Ever Gets Lost In The Abyss

If you’ve ever lost something under the couch, you probably know the struggle of lying on the floor and reaching for it. Fortunately, under-couch blockers solve the problem before it starts, subtly closing off the area with a barrier that you can trim and customize. And if you don’t have issues with toys and balls rolling under your couch, they also work for fridges and other furniture.


These Mirrors That Are Shaped Like Phases Of The Moon

This moon cycle wall hanging is one part art, one part conversation piece, and one part mirror. The acrylic reflective surface is available with a gold or silver hue, and the piece is 30 inches tall in total. It arrives assembled and ready to hang.


This Decorative Window Privacy Film That Still Lets The Light In

This decorative window film offers privacy without sacrificing natural light from your windows. The vinyl covering has a gorgeous flower pattern etched into it, which even has a rainbow sheen when the light catches it. Six different sizes are available, and you can cut it to size for a custom fit on your own windows.


A Simple, Yet Stylish Curtain Tieback For Your Windows

Something about these cotton curtain tiebacks feels very library-in-a-castle to me (in all the right ways). This easy and functional accessory can be a great addition to your decor, helping to hold back your curtains without taking style away. Each set comes with four ties that are just under 40 inches, and two colors are available (white and grey).


A Versatile Ottoman That Holds Blankets, Books & More

I’m not sure about you, but I personally love it when a product has multiple purposes. Case in point are these storage ottomans, which work as footstools and also hold blankets, books, toys, and whatever your heart desires. They’re currently available in grey, black, sky blue, and royal blue, and each side measures 12 inches tall and wide.


This Wall-Mounted Phone Holder For Easy Charging

This wall-mounted charging bracket is perfect for holding your phone while it’s plugged in. Two styles are available, along with three different colors. And, for the moments that you’re not using it for your phone, it’s useful for holding keys and other essentials.


These Flameless Tea Lights For Candle Vibes Without Real Fire

These battery-operated tea lights can easily pass for the real thing since the bulbs have a flicker effect. Each pack includes 12 lights with pre-installed batteries, and all of them are operated by individual switches on the bottom of the candle. They’re a hit in a centerpiece, on a bookshelf, or on the coffee table.


A Mattress Cover That Helps Protect Your Bed From Splashes & Spills

This mattress protector — surprise! — helps protect your mattress from drips and dampness, extending the life of your bed and making it much easy to clean (thanks to the waterproof layer within its construction). It comes in twin, queen, and king sizes, and goes on and off just like a fitted sheet for easy washing, which can be done by machine or by hand.


This Stretchy Slipcover That Helps Extend The Life Of Your Couch

The couch is often one of the most expensive things in a living room, so it can be a good idea to protect it. This stretchy micro-sueded slipcover comes in two sizes and 12 colors — so not only does it help preserve your couch’s original upholstery, it can also be a quick and easy way to update the look and feel of your space.


This Practical Basket That’s Perfect For Magazines & More

This versatile storage basket will work in nearly any room — and while it’s perfectly sized for magazines, you can also use it for books, remotes, electronics, and more. The handles also make it super easy to carry, and it’s reinforced with an iron frame. That way, you can try it out in different part of your home or adjust accordingly whenever the mood strikes.