7 Useful Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom In Time For Valentine’s Day 2023

Valentine’s Day is the festival of love and we can only tell you much we love and adore this day. Although we believe you don’t need a day to shower love on your partner, any excuse to spice things up sure does score brownie points. This Valentine’s Day, not just celebrate the day with gifts (mind you, there is no excuse for gifting) but bring romance to the bedroom too. Step one to spending quality time in the bedroom is by setting the mood right and we are here to help you with that. Keep these useful tips in mind when you decorate your bedroom for Valentine’s Day and celebrate the day of love in the company of your most favourite human. 

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Home decor tips for your bedroom

7 Tips For Making Your Bedroom Ready For Valentine’s Day 2023

1. Focus On Soft Lighting

Lighting can be a very effective way to spice up bedroom romance. Keep the lighting soft but let it not be too dull by picking warm white and yellow lights If your lights have dimmers, then keep them adjusted at the level where it strikes the perfect balance.


Set the mood with soft romantic lighting 

2. Select The Perfect Minimal Draperies

Pick lighter draperies rather than heavier ones that won’t budge when things get hot and heavy in the bedrooms. Breezy draperies in pastel shades may be minimal but wait till you see the effect it will have on your partner’s mind when they enter the room.

3. Light Scented Candles

However cliche candles may sound, they are an instant mood-lifter for sure. Minimal warm light is romantic from the start but if you go the extra mile to pick scented candles from flavours like vanilla, oud, mahogany and musk, you can heighten your partner’s senses with just a whiff. 

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Light aromatic candles

4. Choose The Perfect Bedding

Bedding obviously is one of the most important elements of bedroom and where the main live action will take place. Choose soft and comfortable mattresses and style them with a satin or silk bed sheet or any other bedding of your choice that can be refreshed at the laundry.  

5. Add A Canopy

If you plan to go all out on your bedroom decor, why not add a chic canopy on the bed? The canopy from luxurious stays surely gives the feeling of royalty. If you have ample space to try it, feel the royal charm of the canopies at home.

6. Keep It Red And Classy

Red is the colour of love, and there is a reason for it. It is an instant mood-setter and also adds to the Valentine’s Day style. So while choosing the furniture covers, cushions or bedding and draperies, try to keep it bold red or accents of the colour for sure.


Add red to your room

7. Choose A Wall Decor

If you have time on your hands, invest it in custom-made wall decor items. Try to curate a photo frame with all the romantic moments you captured over the years and leave a string of fairy lights to sparkle it up. It would definitely add a personal touch to your romantic time with your partner.

We hope you find these home decor tips useful to make your Valentine’s Day in your bedroom more memorable.

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