Mandira Bedi has put her luxurious beach-facing Madh Island house on Airbnb. The house is a paradise with an amazing view. After many months when Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan put their Delhi house property on Airbnb, actor, host and fitness enthusiast, the stunning lady namely Mandira Bedi and her late husband Raj Kaushal had in March put their lavish Madh Island home called Bougainvillea on Airbnb as a vacation home. Her husband Raj passed away in the month of June after suffering a heart attack.

Some snaps of their beautiful beach-facing property in Alibaug have gone viral on social media. People are going crazy to see the same and wish to stay there for once in a lifetime. Mandira had bought the house about 15 years back and it was used for shooting purposes by different companies. The actress got the house renovated before putting it up on Airbnb. According to the Airbnb website, you can also stay at Mandira’s house by shelling an amount of Rs 42,000 per night. 

1. Mandira Bedi-Raj Kaushal’s huge living room

Mandira Bedi-Raj Kaushal’s plush Madh Island home, which is now on Airbnb has a spacious space in the living room that comes with French doors and windows, which makes it look ethnic. The high ceilings in the house give a vintage vibe. The actress has decorated the room with a brown and blue coloured velvet sofa and a glass-top centre table which looks amazing. The door is covered by sheer siege curtains. The living room also has a sofa that comes with a canopy and sheer curtains. One would love to see this, it’s eye-catchy.

2- A swimming pool is a must

The house has a beautiful blue-tile pool in their front yard which boasts a bar and a seating area. Giving a natural look, the pool has palms trees beside them.

3- The pool and the sea

Mandira Bedi’s swimming pool also offers a breathtaking view of the beach and the sunset, which in a true sense is beautiful.
4. The grand 4 bedrooms

Mandira Bedi-Raj Kaushal’s holiday home comes with four bedrooms. The very first room has white walls and brown coated wood almirahs make up one entire wall. The other wall has a construction of French windows. With the huge bed, the room is coloured with green sofas and brown floor tiles. The ceiling of this room also gives a vintage feeling.

5. One of the bedroom comes with a beautiful view of the pool

The room comes with a magnificent view of the pool. It is peaceful to be there. It consists of a beautiful canopy bed and a small seating arrangement. The room has brown curtains to cover the French doors. 

6. One bedroom gives total Greece look

The third bedroom gives completes Santorini vibes with a blue and white interior decoration. This room is smaller than the previous two, however, still it is a big one. This room also comes with a view of the beach and the front yard of the paradise residency.

7. All rooms have milk white-washed walls

Like all the rooms, the fourth bedroom also has white-coated walls but it comes with red curtains and paintings.

8. Bougainvilleas is the property name for some reason, it is due to the presence of the flowers

The house consists of an elegant outdoor seating area where the chairs are made up of cane material and a table surrounded by beautiful Bougainvilleas. Mandira said, “The one thing that has stayed constant in this 14-year-old purchase, are the bougainvilleas all over the property, which also give the home its name.” 

9. Not only this but also Mandira’s Madh Island house comes with five modern bathrooms.

All the bedrooms are ultra-modern and chic. One of the bathrooms has a shower area with grey tiles and a small tree, emanating the perfect jungle feels. The washbasin is small, cute and stylish with a round mirror attached to the wall which is made up of colourful tiles.

The whole house is like a dream house, a total must-visit place.

Credits- DNA

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