Woman Refuses To Remove Her Rose Garden, So Allergic Neighbor Takes Care Of It Herself And Gets The Cops Called On Her

Recently, a 25-year-old woman and the owner of the house where she has been living all her life turned to the AITA community for some advice.

In a post that amassed 4.2k upvotes, the woman explained how she recently got a new neighbor who is allergic to her roses. “She lives right next door and won’t stop complaining about my roses,” the author wrote.

The author believes that it’s not her fault: “She should have considered that I had plants when she first went to buy the house. It’s not like it was the cheapest option or anything, I live in a pretty expensive neighborhood,” she argued.

As the tension between them was reaching the boiling point, the author caught her neighbor chopping away at the roses in her garden on camera. This was enough to cause a heated confrontation, so scroll down to find out how it all ended.

A 25-year-old woman recently got a new neighbor who was allergic to the roses in her garden, so she demanded that she get rid of them

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The author also added an update to the story

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Someone asked about the actual location in the property where the author’s roses grow, so she responded

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