Winter gardening brings color and joy amidst winter doldrums
Susan enjoys the blooms of her amaryllis that she received as a gift for Christmas.

It’s about time for the annual seed catalogs to start arriving in the mail. I always love looking through their colorful pages. I dream that my vegetable plants would be as fruitful and my flowers as vibrant as displayed on their pages. My mental images in January of what I’ll have in the summer are always perfect. The fact is that I produce the best-looking weeds around.

My winter garden is growing much better. Everything is in a controlled environment where weeds don’t cause havoc.

Two weeks ago, I brought out the hydroponic garden that my son Russell gave me. It comes out of storage every winter. I think I start it up to prove that the world will eventually turn green again. The grays of winter gets to be too much for me and I need to be reminded that spring is only two months away.