MIAMI — Art Week will bring high profile buyers from around the world, and it won’t just be a big week for artists.

Miami’s realtors could also see a spike in business.

Miami skyline
The Miami skyline.


“The more people who love this city and have a good experience the more they want to come back,” realtor Jill Hertzberg from The Jills Zeder Group said.

Her real estate firm is rated as having the number 1 real estate team in the country by selling some of the most expensive properties Miami has to offer.

During Art Week, leading up to Art Basel, the Zeder Group says they’ve been busy showing high-end houses to many out-of-town clients.

“They are here for the art, that’s what drives them here,” Hertzberg said. “Miami is so full of culture, they come back year after year…and eventually buy property.”

Hertzberg says this creates a positive domino effect for the South Florida housing market.

“When the higher end houses hit, it activates the entire market,” she said. “Other people feel like, ‘Oh, i can put my house on the market,’ and developers come in and say, ‘Let’s build these beautiful condos.”