What are the best cabinets for a minimalist kitchen?

A minimalist kitchen is not just about creating that modern, clutter-free look, but about designing a space to enhance your wellbeing. When choosing the best cabinets for a minimalist kitchen it’s therefore important to think about how different designs make you feel. Whether they include easy-to-use integrated handles, or highlight the comforting textures and patterns in wood, the best kitchen cabinets can promote a sense of calm. 

“Just like the weather, the atmosphere of the built environment has a profound effect on how we rest, think, feel, work, eat, and socialize,” says Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, He’a a leading figure in the the modern minimalism in interior design movement, as Founding Partner at Norm Architects and Designer behind minimalist kitchen cabinets at Reform. “Spaces and objects must certainly be functional, but if they are to truly serve us, they must also attend to our bodies and emotions. To us, good design transcends utility and aesthetics to become a sensual exercise. We call it Soft Minimalism.”