VIDEO | Myra home renovation complete | By Jerry Zelenka
August 30, 2021 – Myra, WI – The renovation of the home built in 1850 on Decorah Road in Myra, WI is complete. It was a labor of love and insanity according to contractor Jerry Zelenka.

In 1965 the movie The Agony and the Ecstasy was released about Michelangelo’s obsession to complete the painting of Sistine Chapel ceiling, as it became all-consuming he is driven close to madness.

Click HERE to watch a video tour of the initial tear out

I now know how he felt. Over the last five months our restoration of the 171-year-old home in Myra has become all consuming. Working 7 days a week sometimes 10 hours a day this has become personal and for a remodeling contractor that is never a good thing.

Any kind of a budget was quickly thrown out the window (all new) in favor of what the house “needed.”

Myra, Jerry

While we understood certain things had to be done, heating electrical, plumbing etc.

Other things, skip coat plaster on the walls, glass block window, solid cherry posts and rails, refinished hardwood floors (walnut?) and hickory kitchen cabinets with live edge tops, stain glass windows, just HAD to be done.

home in Myra

There was no other option but to install a clawfoot black-and-white tub in the downstairs bathroom and ceramic tile shower and Cambria countertop in the upstairs.

And who wouldn’t install antique light fixtures in many rooms and custom made base and casing around windows and doors. There was simply no choice about the Chestnut laminate floors in the kitchen and dining room and don’t even get me started on paint colors for the walls and ceilings. This has become more a work of art then a remodeling project.

old lumber, Myra home

Fortunately, my partner John and my wife Rebecca were able to reign me in occasionally and because of them we WILL be selling the home starting September 1, 2021 (As long as the buyers are worthy).

All in all it was a grand obsession and we enjoyed every minute of it (except the heat, the humidly, the mosquitos and the aches and pains nightly) And I look forward to the next (much-smaller project)

JH Zelenka

Breezen Properties LLC