You don’t need to heavily invest in fine china and luxe furnishings to make your home feel like a palace. Just take it from designer and former Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host Ty Pennington, who believes a few budget-friendly tweaks can have a huge effect. In honor of his partnership with Caesars Slots, a free virtual slots casino game, Pennington is sharing easy tips to turn your home into a personal palace on a budget. From changes as simple as angling your furniture to masking an unpleasant door with paint, these tips will make any home feel elevated.

Add personality to your entryway

cowboy hat and keys

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Your entryway is, after all, the first space you see when you walk into your home. Make it give a lasting impression. “I like to immediately feel the personality of the homeowner upon entry—whether it’s a cowboy hat, a pair of dancing shoes strung up on the wall, or even a photo of beloved family members or pets that strikes emotion,” Pennington says.

Incorporate tall accents

living room

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“Add drama by interspersing the horizontal lines created by sofas and chairs with tall pieces,” Pennington advises. “Floor lamps, high-based chairs, tall bookcases, or an urn filled with long, willowy branches are ideal to help with this.”

Set your furniture at an angle

Sometimes, placing your furniture around the edge of a room can give it a waiting room effect. “Individual pieces set at a slant in one space evoke a much more interesting and engaging perspective,” Pennington says. If you want to go one step further, he suggests adding mirrors and using cool or light colors to make the walls recede and open up the area.

Invest in a chandelier

dining table with chandelier

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No royal abode is complete without a chandelier. Pennington suggests hanging a chandelier-style ceiling light above the dining table to add a luxe glow to family meals. Buy a new one or scour your local vintage market for a chandelier that speaks to you.

You love finding new design tricks. So do we. Let us share the best of them.

DIY an ottoman

In need of a table that doubles as a cozy seat? Make your own ottoman. “Source a piece of foam, wrap a bold patterned fabric around it, and sew them together,” Pennington says. “Then give the foam a hard-backed finish.”

Mask an ugly door with paint

A monochrome look can solve everything. “If you’re struggling to hide an unattractive set of closet doors, create an illusion by painting the walls, doors, and the frame all one color, so they merge into one plane,” Pennington says. Convinced? See some of our favorite color options below.

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