Top-shelf DeWalt power tools are up to 60% off at Amazon
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Just because the man in your life IS a tool doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve some new ones. (Photos: Amazon)

Got a DIYer on your holiday shopping list? Here’s your chance to nail down (heh) one item and make that handy(wo)man feel utterly cherished. We’re talking DeWalt power tools and accessories. Right now Amazon’s got some killer deals on everything from drills to saws with savings up to 60% and beyond. DeWalt is a premier tool brand. Don’t believe us? Next time you pass by a construction site, have a look at what the crew is using — you’ll see DeWalt’s trademarked yellow and black arsenal everywhere. Why? Well, they’re compact, lightweight and, most important, powerful.

Snapping up one of these stellar deals is a real win-win: First, you’ll immediately enter the Gift Giver Hall of Fame for the thoughtfulness and usefulness of your present. Second, once the holidays are behind us, your recipient will have run out of excuses to fix that dang ______ that’s been nagging the bejesus out of you. Happy SIYing! (Um, that’s “shop it yourself”— we just made that up.)

This set includes a cordless drill and an impact driver, which may have you asking, “What the heck is an impact driver?” Glad you asked: While you can use a drill to sink screws, tighten bolts, etc., an impact driver is specially designed for the task because it applies short bursts of force when it senses resistance. In other words: It’s a really, really useful tool.

“WOW, buy this set!” trumpeted one fanboy/fix-it man. “It’s stunning how far technology has come. Compared to my older 18V tools — which were very good — these are considerably smaller, lighter, and more powerful, plus just as durable or more so! Seriously, I should have upgraded sooner.”

Frankly, everyone should have a rachet-and-socket set in the house for nut-and-bolt-based repairs, but this jaw-droppingly expansive ensemble screams “gearhead” and “look how much I love you!”

“And on the seventh day, there was no resting…instead, God built this DeWalt socket set,” saideth this worshipful workman. “This is without question the best all-around all-inclusive set that the DIY home repair/remodel and/or DIY auto repair person MUST have in their arsenal of home tools.” We think he likes it.

These bits bore through effortlessly, leaving no burr marks behind. Even the case is genius, featuring as it does slots matching each bit to its size.

“There are so many features it is hard to describe them,” said one of 64,000 five-star reviews. “The tools fit. The tools are easy to extract. There is extra room. But further, the box for the bits is color-coded black while the matching case for the drill bits is color-coded yellow. This saves me time when I am taking the tools from the bag — or picking them up off a bench.”

Yes, we see that estimable price tag, but there are a few things to consider. Maybe you’ve had a particularly good year and can afford to splurge. Maybe you’ve got someone on your list who’s been extra, extra Nice this year and deserves to be wowed. Maybe you or someone you know is just setting up house; with this, they’ll be all set on the power-tool tip for decades. Finally this is an absolute steal at 43% off.

“This set made my husband and I both happy,” opined this shrewd consumer. “As a frugal woman, I hate spending a lot of money. However a freak ice storm…destroyed my husband’s tools via a burst water pipe….The local store wanted several hundred dollars more for this kit — $800+ tax, divided by 10 tools; you do the math…. Now my husband has no excuse not to get that ‘Honey do list’ knocked out!”

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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