Symmetrical living rooms could be 2023’s big decor trend

Evident in the world’s most ancient structures, from Classical Greek architecture to Roman temples, symmetry – and symmetrical living rooms – might be the oldest trick in the book. “An obsession that began with the ancient Greeks, symmetry has continued to be a visual cheat sheet for artists, designers and architects alike,” says Monique Tollgård of Tollgard Design Group. “Beauty and balance play an integral role in our lives, evoking feelings of admiration, calm and peace. These are the very same feelings that our clients seek in their homes and reception rooms.” 

But symmetry wasn’t invented by the ancient Greeks, or for living rooms, or by any human for that matter. It exists all around us in nature. “We are hard-wired to find symmetry pleasing: from the human body to the shape of trees, we are inherently attracted to it,” says Ines Kelly of Kelly Hopter Interiors. “By extension, symmetrical rooms give us a feeling of familiarity and comfort, something that we tend to crave especially during tumultuous times.”