SALT LAKE CITY– In an effort to find solutions to Utah’s housing shortage, Salt Lake City officials hope tiny home construction may help with the problem. 

City officials say the cost of buying a home or renting an apartment is too expensive. A recent study released estimated a tenant must make a little over $20 an hour in order to afford a two-bedroom apartment in Utah–a price tag out of reach for many residents.

Community and Neighborhoods Director Blake Thomas said Salt Lake wants residents to send in their tiny home design ideas. The ideas don’t have to comply with current city codes.

“Our hope is that the creative designs that come in through this competition,” he said. “Will lead us to a library of plans that can be used in the future.”

To incentivize residents, the city has made this into a contest with a cash award of $1,000 for the top two winners.

“If we have some plans that people can draw upon to get a leg up at the start or reduce entry barriers,” Thomas said. “My hope is that will ultimately lead to a quicker process and increased housing supply.”

Thomas said all Salt Lake tiny home ideas will be based on five requirements – affordability, livability, sustainability, durability and accessibility. 

Those interested in participating must register by Sep. 10 and submit their design by Oct. 29. For more information on the contest, visit here

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