Pikachu Kitchen set review: adorable accents for Pokemon fans

Published: 2023-03-04T21:58:06

Updated: 2023-03-05T00:55:57

Pokemon fans can purchase an array of adorable kitchen accessories that are perfect for the whole family. The Pikachu detailing is tasteful and adds a spark to every meal.

Pokemon fans are always looking for ways to celebrate their love of the franchise. From adorable shirts, sweatshirts, and enamel pins, to a slew of plushes and home decorations, there are plenty of ways to add fan-favorite species to everyday aesthetics.

While many fans have been prepping for spring with the new gardening items available on the Pokemon Center official store, others have been expanding their kitchen collections with an array of adorable, Pikachu-themed cooking items.

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Here is our review on the Pikachu ceramic trivet, spoon rest, spatula set, and aprons received as a gift from The Pokemon Company and how they can evolve your kitchen and cooking experience.

Pikachu Butter Dish PokemonThe Pokemon Company

This Pikachu butter dish is too cute!

Pikachu Kitchen ceramic trivet is perfect for hot pots and decoration

As a cooking enthusiast, I am always looking to add new accessories to my kitchen. Trivets are one of those items that are so easy to overlook and not needed when moving numerous hot pots around. Having never tried a ceramic trivet before (I have dozens of cloth and rubber ones), I was nervous about durability and useability when using the Pokemon Pikachu ceramic trivet.

However, I was delighted to find that the large trivet works perfectly with any pot I set it on and also provided a better back between the bottom of the heated vessel on the counter. Additionally, when not used to house hot pots, propping it up on the counter makes for a delightful decoration. As $12.99 USD, I would be excited to add a few more of these to my trivet drawer.

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Pikachu Kitchen ceramic spoon rest & spatulas are a stirring combo

Like the Pokemon ceramic trivets, the Pikachu ceramic spoon rest is heavyweight and durable. It has an elegant neck for resting the hand of any large spoon or spatula, with a deep channel that ensures the selected utensil won’t slide out and slop hot soup or grease all over the cooktop.

What I especially like about the $12.99 USD spoon rest is that it is perfect for teaching kids kitchen safety. My son loves to help cook, and if I set the spoon rest close, I can ask him to give the spoon to Pikachu when we aren’t using it. This not only makes kitchen safety fun but greatly improves the chaos of my cook space.

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Additionally, the $19.99 USD Pokemon spatulas are fantastic. The silicon paddle is firm and thin, making it perfect for cleaning bowls of cake batter or whipping up an egg. The paddle slides away from the plastic handle for hygienic cleaning, ensuring no mold or grime will build up in the handle. My only worry is that the adorable Pikachu faces on the paddles will fade with washing. Because of this, I have only hand-washed them, avoiding the heat of the dishwasher.

Pikachu Kitchen aprons are perfect for wearing & for photos

Pikachu Kitchen reviewDexerto

Marshtomp Onigiri staged on a Pikachu apron

The Pikachu Kitchen aprons are easily one of the cutest ways to dress for success while cooking. The $34.99 USD aprons are made of sturdy material, have an adjustable neck strap, and a pocket for phones, kid snacks, or spoons. I personally kept sticking my hand towel into it for quick drying.

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While it is fantastic for keeping grease off clothing, I also ended up using the Pika-printed fabric as the backdrop for my Pokemon Day Marshtomp Onigiri, which we were trying out from the “My Pokemon Cookbook: Delicious Recipies Inspired by Pikachu & Friends” cookbook. While my onigiri looks a bit smudgy, the apron background added the perfect flare.

My only frustration with the Apron is the color. While white is classy and looks, great fresh out of the package, stains from tomato sauce, grease, and soup are sure to do a number on them. While they are sturdy enough to bleach, they won’t age well once the kitchen chews them up.

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The Verdict – 5/5

The Pikachu Kitchen cookware and accessories from The Pokemon Center are an absolute delight to have in any cooking space. Whether you are a longtime fan of the franchise or trying to make a connection with your kids, the items from the set bring an element of play that makes cooking an inviting task. This, mixed with the quality of each item, ensures that those who pick them up will have Pikachu as a dining companion for years to come.