Seeing inspiration everywhere is a good habit. The cinematography helps to train observation and sometimes can give real pearls to lovers of beautiful interiors. We have compiled a list of good films with outstanding interiors: use it when you want to have an interesting evening and get inspired by the work of decorators.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The four-story mansion on the Upper East Side in New York is a full-fledged character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Holly Golightly’s apartment is petite and charming, like its owner. The equanimity, lightness, and frivolity that are characteristic of the main character are manifested quite clearly in the interior. Her style can be called refined eclecticism – the apartment is filled with objects that stylistically do not intersect with each other. But with the originality of each element, their combinations create a harmonized design. A bathroom-shaped sofa with crimson cushions, a rug with a zebra print, a wooden box instead of a coffee table, suitcases stacked on top of one another stand out against the background of neutral finishes. Interesting, unexpected details are what make this apartment so attractive.

The Great Gatsby

The 2013 film adaptation of Francis S. Fitzgerald’s novel is an aesthetic perfection that is made up of details: costumes, hairstyles, decorations, and interiors. Luxurious 20s with lush and glamorous Art Deco, spectacular furniture and accessories burst from the screen. Daisy Buchanan’s living room draped in light pink fabric, Gatsby’s two-story bedroom, a hotel room decorated with dark wood, and other iconic interior finds from the film left no one indifferent. The Great Gatsby won an Oscar for production design. Note the incredibly beautiful combination of seemingly incongruous things: geometric and floral motifs, steel and gold, antiques, and masterpieces of modern art.

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is Woody Allen’s enchanting film about the writer and romanticist Gil, who arrives in Paris and unexpectedly takes a trip back in time. Love for a bygone era and its heroes captures him, as well as the viewer who moves to Paris of the 1920s. On the screen, we see the bohemian setting of the Le Bristol suite, Gertrude Stein’s house, Parisian restaurants from two eras, and many other interiors from bygone and modern times. Fringe lampshades, exquisite couches, velvet cushions, and other characteristic details help to convey the charm and elegance of the French capital.

The French romantic comedy “Amelie” about the love of life and the search for joy in the little things was nominated for five “Oscars”, including for the work of a decorator. The light and playful atmosphere of a truly Parisian apartment does not give way to everyday life. Take a look at the exquisite bedroom with a red wall, a wrought-iron bed, assorted bedside lamps, and ironic paintings. Bathroom with two mirrors, tiles around the sink, and lots of cupboards and drawers. Cozy kitchen, all in the same red color scheme, where a charming Parisian woman made pancakes and watched the Tour de France bike race at night. There are no ceiling lights in Amelie’s apartment – the house is filled with warm light from table lamps with textile shades and table sconces.

Under the Tuscan Sun

The gentle southern sun awakens in the main character Frances the desire to start a new life in the warm and friendly region of Tuscany. First of all, she buys herself an old villa, hires a construction team, and starts renovations. She wants to preserve the charm of antiquity and embody her idea of ​​comfort and happiness in the interior. The Tuscan interiors reflect the leisurely rhythm and hospitality of the locals. The house is made of wood and stone on the outside and inside, only warm colors are used in the color palette, and the decor prides itself on its unpretentiousness. The walls are devoid of modern finishes, the floor is tiled to pleasantly cool on a hot summer day, and old objects from the bins remind of the former greatness. Look carefully at the screen and pleasant surprises await you: a charming old tureen bowl, a stone kitchen apron above the sink, a carved desk.

The Holiday

The two main characters, the successful American Amanda and the journalist from the English countryside Iris, exchange houses. Amanda’s house is a spacious, light California villa with the attributes of a comfortable life: blackout curtains, luxurious soft furnishings, marble countertops, French windows to the courtyard. Iris Cottage is a small, charming cottage on the outskirts with a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The atmosphere is created by rough stone wall decoration, a fireplace in the living room, an abundance of textiles with inconsistent prints, antique chairs with carved backs, baskets in which firewood is stored. And when it comes to furniture styles, which would you prefer? If you can’t choose you can go to NY furniture Outlets that have an assortment of furniture designs made with both approaches.

Why Women Kill

The protagonist of the story is a luxurious mansion in Pasadena, in which three different families live at different times. Decorators brilliantly managed to convey the style of three eras and create interiors that you want to repeat. In the early 60s, a cheerful housewife lived in the house, who aspired to be an ideal wife. This desire is reflected in the design – this is an exemplary home of a prosperous American family with light kitchen sets, neat porcelain plates, and symmetry in everything. The decor is replaced by the bohemian 80s in the best traditions of American chic with marble tiles, bright walls, gold trim and expensive decor items. When the action takes place in the 2000s, the interior of the house is made in a laconic and restrained style with no frills. Heroes value personal comfort, so the furniture in the house is practical and comfortable, and the decor is functional.

Something’s Gotta Give

The house of the main character is located on the beach and this gives him a special mood: it is filled with sun, air, and fresh sea breeze. The house is dominated by white in its various shades: from eggshell-colored walls to boiling white bed linen. And through the French windows, sunlight penetrates into every corner. They say that after the release of the film, customers rushed to the designers to repeat the kitchen from the film. And this is quite understandable: the bright and spacious kitchen with an island, two sinks, white facades, and large windows is simply charming. There are many more inspiring interior solutions in this house: a workplace in a bay window, a reading corner with wicker chairs, a dining room with a shelf lined with porcelain plates.

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