Live from PPAI Expo: Drinkware Roundup

The PPAI Expo was not only full of a huge variety of drinkware products, but also water bottle refill stations – a good indicator that reusable bottles and drinkware products are the norm. Those are pretty much expected at large events anymore, because it’s expected that most people have a reusable drinkware item. PPAI even had a sponsored water bottle giveaway for attendees who forgot theirs at home.

With that in mind, we took to the show floor to scope out some of the most interesting drinkware trends from water bottles, coffee mugs and much more.

Check out nine drinkware trends, products and decoration styles that stood out to us on the show floor:

1. Water Bottles with Functionality in Mind

One theme across the show floor was multi-functional drinkware, more specifically, water bottles.

Looking to add products with pet lovers in mind? Asobu by ADNART showcased a 3-in-1 bottle for pets and their owners. The Buddy bottle features a paw-shaped carrying handle and a drinking spout for humans. Unscrew the bottom of the bottle, and there’s an anti-slip water bowl, plus a food bowl with room for storage for Fido.

On the topic of functionality, ETS Express displayed several of its drinkware options along a backlit white wall, giving the vibe that you’re in an Apple Store — allowing attendees to easily grab, feel, and explore its product range.

Our favorite variety was an interchangeable tumbler/water bottle, which allows for versatility between hot and cold beverages. Any drinkware collector knows how quickly kitchen cabinets can fill up with all the different types of mugs and tumblers for different uses, but this 2-in-1 solution lets users minimize cabinet clutter.

2. Rustic-Yet-Modern

We might be living in the future, but products that harken back to simpler times are as popular as ever. For drinkware, products like mason jars with lids and straws, or outdoor-ready construction are still all the rage.

3. Chrome and Metallics Make a Statement

Whether it was accents, a full tumbler, or even foil print methods, metallics and chrome detail made an appearance in several booths. Spector & Co. had various drinkware options with chrome lids, trim and engraved logos. Also making a statement, Gemline’s Aviana Metallics bottles paired with a matching lunch cooler make for great bundling opportunities.


The MiiR Climate+ Tumbler and Wide Mouth Bottle in silver satin also fall into the metallic category while checking the sustainability box. The wares feature recycled materials and 1% of revenue goes toward environmental nonprofits.

4. Cork: A Simple Accent Feature

Rather than going crazy with design elements, something simple like a cork base or band around a drinkware item adds a minimal flair to a design.

This mug from ETS Express uses a cool matte finish combined with a cork bottom to not only protect surfaces, but look pretty sleek, too.

5. A Piece of the Kitting Puzzle

Kitting and promotional products go hand in hand, and drinkware isn’t excluded from the club. Many suppliers put the spotlight on this by displaying drinkware alongside complementary items like matching lunch bags and even coasters.

For a resort, boutique, or coastal clientele, a tropical palm tree pattern might be fitting. If they’re looking for matching products, a tumbler/lunch bag combo could do the trick, like this one from Koozie Group.


What goes better with a drink than a coaster? High Caliber Line showed the possibilities of kitting and engraving with matching tumblers, coasters, and pens.

6. Happy Campers

You don’t have to be the outdoorsy type to appreciate a good camp mug. The style is usually made from metal, so it’s a heavy-duty product that can withstand the outdoors, but also looks good in a sleek, modern kitchen.

The speckled design can allow for extra branding capabilities, or create a product that breaks the mold of your ordinary ceramic mug.

7. A Bit of Bamboo

If a supplier has drinkware, you can likely find an option with bamboo accents and features. Elemental Bottles carries tumblers with bamboo lids, while High Caliber offers full bamboo bottles and 20 oz. powder-coated bottles with a bamboo wrap on the bottom. Bamboo is not only aesthetically pleasing but it offers the sustainability element, as well as antimicrobial properties.

8. Get Colorful

A lot of very modern drinkware designs use neutral and metallic tones like black, silver and white. Those are always going to be popular choices that work for brands, but sometimes it’s fun to get colorful.

The Silipint booth was full of drinkware items in all sorts of colors, including these ones that looked like when you took a few different Silly Putty colors and swirled them together in your hand. For brands with multi-colored logos and brand aesthetics, that’s a fun way to stand out and enhance your brand.

9. Get Tropical

It doesn’t matter if it’s the dead of winter in Iowa. If you get a branded tiki mug, you’re instantly transported to a beautiful Hawaiian beach. Even if you just use it as your daily water bottle, why not add a little bit of vacation vibes to your daily routine?

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