Jenn Todryk


Jenn Todryk stars in HGTV’s “No Demo Reno.”

“No Demo Reno” star Jenn Todryk is no stranger to home renovation. The mother-of-three recently shared on Instagram that she had remodeled her kitchen. 

Jenn Todryk Shared Pictures of Her Dog & Renovated Kitchen on Social Media

Todryk’s post, uploaded September 7, featured three photos. In the first image, the HGTV personality’s English Cream Golden Retriever, named Gary, was on the wood floor in the newly renovated kitchen. The kitchen’s amenities included white cabinets and a matching kitchen island. The following photo showed the room prior to the remodel. The space was noticeably darker, and the walls were painted a mustard color. The final shot featured construction workers in the process of renovating the area. 

In the caption of the post, Todryk referenced that Gary’s white fur matched her new kitchen. She also noted that they “went from super dark to as bright as [they] could get ‘er because this kitchen does not get a ton of natural light.” She then shared that she initially “planned on these two floor to ceiling cabinets being a natural wood finish but decided against it last minute because of the lack of natural light.”  

“[W]hat looks amazing online and in heavily edited pictures doesn’t always look good in every space and natural lighting has everything to do with it! However, these glass cabinets and old doors (they’re from Egypt, at least that’s what the lady who sold them to me told me [winking face emoji] [crying-laughing emoji]) are hands down my favorite part of this kitchen. I gave up counter space in order to have decorative *and storage* cabinets and I’d do it a million times over again [heart-eye emoji],” read a portion of the post’s caption.

Todryk also asked her fans “[w]ould you trade some counter space for cabinets like these or are you a counter-lover?” Quite a few social media users responded to the question in the post’s comments section. 

“Gary! [two heart-eye emoji] I love counter space but I’d do the storage,” wrote one fan. 

“I’d give up some counter space as our counters just become dumping grounds for various ‘art,’ mail, etc. [upside-down emoji],” shared another social media user. 

“Wow! I love your kitchen! I love my counter space but storage is more important! [crying laughing emoji],” replied a third commenter. 

Jenn Todryk Discussed Renovation Techniques in May 2021

During a May 2021 interview with FOX 4 KDFW, Todryk discussed how to renovate a house with minimal demolition as she does on “No Demo Reno.” She explained that painting can help revitalize a space. 

“Paint is like a game-changer. Even like paint alone makes it look like a whole new house. We do a ton of paint on the show. It’s like a majority paint,” said Todryk. 

She also shared that “new lighting can totally update the space.” 

“Not only that, but it adds home value, it adds value to your house, which is something that’s really big if you are looking to ever sell, especially if you are in the market right now,” said the HGTV star. 

The mother-of-three also noted that home renovation will be more cost-effective “if you don’t knock down walls and you don’t have to deal with permitting and load-bearing walls.”

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