Jacquelyn Jablonski’s SoHo Loft Will Make You Want to Start Decorating With Orange and Green

Model Jacquelyn Jablonski is a collector, and it shows. Her sunlit SoHo loft, while leaning toward a minimal aesthetic, is a treasure trove of richly layered books, blankets, and furniture she’s picked up around the world in between photoshoots. Also on full display are her favorite colors, but in doses so small that you almost have to look twice to catch. Green and orange, hues she loves to wear, permeate the space. “My home sometimes reminds me of how I dress in a weird way,” notes Jacquelyn. “It’s about different pops of color and quirky elements to it.”

The star piece of her home is the orange USM unit that Jacquelyn almost got rid of when she couldn’t find the right spot for it. “I kind of love the color orange,” she says.

Seth Caplan

Jacquelyn looked at apartments for close to a year—her dad, who is in real estate, joining her—before finding a rare gem, something that could be shaped into her dream home. “I never planned to renovate a place, but I was looking for so long and I couldn’t find what I liked,” she says. “I found that I was seeing a lot of places in New York that were very cookie-cutter, like bed must go here, low ceilings—just nothing special.” Growing up with a mom who deeply loved interior design and constantly changed the decor around, Jacquelyn found that her new loft naturally lent itself to the raw architecture of the space: “I saw the ceiling height, I saw these big windows, and I thought, Oh wow, this is really special.”