Inside of this NY home for sale puzzles. ‘That was unexpected’

The luxurious home comes with a striking crystal-clear blue in-ground pool.

The luxurious home comes with a striking crystal-clear blue in-ground pool.

Screen grab from Zillow

The phrase “you never know what’s going on inside a home” has never rung so true — at least when it comes to this particular doozy on the real estate market in North Woodmere, New York.

From the outside, the six-bedroom, five-bathroom residence — which is listed for $3.999 million — attracts with its elegant arches, terrace, and emerald green landscaping. But inside? Well, inside it’s a different world altogether.

”Unique beyond, very artistic,” the listing on describes. “Designed by a well-known interior designer. The house was knocked down and rebuilt.”

Artistic indeed.

Throughout its ever changing interior, each room almost looks like a pop art installation with lime green walls, chrome counter tops and “Beetlejuice”-like cabinets, the photos show.

Features include:

The charismatic home drew the attention of Zillow Gone Wild, a popular social media real estate Facebook page and Twitter account, and fans didn’t really know how to react when seeing the interior.

“This gave me anxiety,” one person expressed. “It looks like a 1960’s steel storage building threw up its contents.”

“There are no words for this…” another wrote.

“So elegant outside. Step inside and boom – arcade,” someone commented.

“Well that was… unexpected,” one person said. “For some reason I can’t explain…. I don’t hate it. I mean. I don’t love it. But I don’t hate it. And yet, every rational cell in my body tells me I should. I don’t understand what’s happening.”

“I wasn’t aware that Nickelodeon had an interior design branch,” another joked.

“I hate it. But I love it,” someone expressed.

“I love this. I love the chaos,” one person tweeted.

Party house fosho,” another said.

North Woodmere is about 25 miles southeast of Manhattan.

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