I’m a DIY expert & you’ve been decorating your home all wrong for Christmas – there’s a trick to make it look expensive

HOME renovation isn’t cheap but there are some clever hacks you can use to make it look expensive on a budget.

It’s easy to shell out on new homeware when trying to redecorate your home over Christmas. 

It's important to choose a theme for your tree


It’s important to choose a theme for your treeCredit: Getty
You can use fluffy blankets under your tree for a budget saving tip


You can use fluffy blankets under your tree for a budget saving tipCredit: Getty

While it can be tempting to go overboard over winter, it can be wasteful and end up leaving you with clutter.

Luckily, a DIY expert has listed their important decorating do’s include and don’ts to ensure you can keep the festive spirit up while on a budget. 

They say that following a spacing rule and using festive tones are key, while mixing silver and gold and bright tinsel are on the list of serious decorating don’ts. 

Nic Shacklock from Online-Bedrooms.co.uk said: “Many of us dream of transforming our homes into something a professional interior designer would be proud of at Christmas.

“But while everyone loves to enjoy some Christmas cheer, it can be challenging to achieve some festive style without the house ending up looking cluttered or tacky.  

Nic notes that small details make all the difference – from the colours of the baubles to the amount of space which should be left between tree decorations.

If you’re on a budget but wanting to decorate every room of the house, buying duvet covers which can be used all year and won’t look out of place in January is best. 

For example, Nic suggests opting for a winter woodlands theme rather than one with a picture of Santa Claus.  

When it comes to making sure your tree looks on point, it’s important to measure the width and height of the tree skirt to make sure it fits around the tree correctly otherwise it’ll lead to a tight squeeze. 

You can even opt for using fluffy blankets as a most cost-friendly alternative.

Other tips include leaving a gap between each branch every time you put a bauble up to avoid a cluttered tree. 

If you feel the tree looks bare from too much spacing, you can place some pretty beads or tinsel to thicken the appearance.

Nic also recommends teardrop baubles to help to differentiate the style on the tree and give it a contemporary look. 

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A theme is also important throughout the home, but make sure you work that out before you go the whole hog and purchase new decorations. 

You should decide whether you want woodland, noel or Scandinavian, without trying to incorporate them all at once.

It’s also probably best to avoid include buying a new rug, leaving decor up for too long and purchasing a whole new decorating set. 

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Keep your old decorations in, they'll be back in fashion in a few years


Keep your old decorations in, they’ll be back in fashion in a few yearsCredit: Getty

Nic added: “While you may want to rush and buy a whole new range of items, make the most of existing decorations which you may have in the attic. 

“DIY ornaments always come back into fashion every few years.”