How to declutter a bedside table: experts swear by 3 these rules

Bedside tables are a pretty standard decorating practice in many a bedroom, acting as a key bedroom storage idea – but how many of us can honestly say that ours are in tip-top shape and clutter-free?

If you’re anything like me, even the best bedside table has likely turned into the dumping ground for unnecessary bits and bobs, having accumulated a handful of items that we swear ‘we will need in the future’ (spoiler alert, you won’t reach for it).

If you’re in need of a dire pre-Spring clean, the experts share their top tips for curating the ideal bedside table setup so you can streamline your bedtime routine and unwind blissfully.

Burnt orange bedding in bedroom

(Image credit: Piglet in Bed)

How to declutter a bedside table – 3 rules experts swear by