Luis and MJ Aguilar own LA Home Solution and Remodeling in Spring. (Courtesy of LA Home Solutions and Remodeling)

Luis and MJ Aguilar, owners of LA Home Solutions and Remodeling in Spring, offer several tips to make sure homeowners are prepared for hurricane season.

What can homeowners do to minimize hurricane damage?

Before the season gets busy, you want to make sure you have enough plywood on hand in case you need to board up your windows. … One of the other things that gets overlooked is just cleaning your gutters to make sure that there is no excessive debris in there. … Sealing windows and doors is also a huge thing people just don’t really think of.

What can homeowners do to abate flood damage?

Have some fans available that you could run off of a generator in case you do have flooding. Then, you can immediately start to dry some of those areas out. Once water gets into your home, there’s not a whole lot you can do other than moving things off the wall. … When moisture sits in an area that’s not very well ventilated, mildew and mold start to grow a lot quicker.

What long-term weather solutions can be installed?

When you’re talking about really high winds and debris flying around, getting shutters on your windows really helps. … Another thing is to hire a licensed electrician to come in and put a house surge protection system in to help with the electrical items.

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