Get these bedroom decoration products to make your space more romantic!

Turn your bedroom into something gorgeous with these 5 products and enjoy the vibe with your loved one!

With Valentine’s day around the corner, we know you are looking for different ways to surprise your lover and if you two live together, we have a perfect idea for you! Why not surprise them by decorating your room and watching a movie together or doing absolutely anything you both love? Here are 5 bedroom decoration products from some of our favourite homegrown brands that will make the job simpler for you.

1. Cushions from On Set Homes


Your bed is the highlight of your bedroom and decorating and making it comfy is something you should definitely do. Add some cushions to make it cozier and check Onset Homes for the same. They have an amazing collection and is a must-check.

2. Vases and planters from Palasa

Add a dash of aesthetics with some flowers and plants and put them in gorgeous vases or planters from Palasa. Go for the elephant ceramic vase, if your taste is subtle and minimal, or pick the beautiful gold planter if you both like shiny things!

3. Forever Flowers from Ecua Flores

Bedroom decoration products

Keeping flowers in your room will make it look prettier and a visual treat. But no matter how hard you try, they will end up wilting, and so here’s something handy for you. Ecua Flores is a wholesale and supply store that offers Ecuadorian roses that lasts one year and preserves them with a non-toxic solution. Get this for your bedroom and keep it on your dressing table!

4. Flame Air Aroma Diffuser from HIVAGI

Bedroom decoration products

Diffusers help you to relax, increase the feeling of calm, and clear airways for easier breathing. Get one for your bedroom from HIVAGI, as their 7-flame air diffuser is unique and noiseless, and will definitely add the needed warmth and romance to your place.

5. Wallpaper from Life N Colours

Bedroom decoration products

Painting your room can be a headache, and so we have a shortcut for you. Stick a wallpaper instead and change the vibe and the look of your space completely. Life N Colours offers endless options when it comes to the same and we are totally in love with their prints. They have different themes and moods and we think you should definitely check them out.

6. Canopy Curtains from NJ Party Shop

Bedroom decoration products
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How about a dreamy bed set up with some lights? Create your perfect canopy retreat around your bed with this net from NJ Party Shop. Add some string lights, artificial plants, and soft pillows, and voila, it’s done!

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