Frank Lloyd Wright’s Iconic Carmel-by-the-Sea House Sells for $22 Million

Wright agreed to take on the project—appreciating the “brief and to the point” letter—and designed the structure in 1948. Not unusual to the architect’s practice, he was reportedly unwilling to make any adjustments to his outlines, and when completed in 1952, it was largely constructed exactly as he’d originally envisioned it. Appearing like a ship’s bow cutting through the ocean, the home’s most notable feature is its hexagonal living room, which frames views of the nearby crashing waves. “I hope this tiny aristocrat among the Carmel bourgeois, so exciting in itself, is not only a domestic experience giving you the joy you, its progenitor, deserve, but a spiritual uplift,” the architect wrote to Walker after visiting the house a few years after its construction. 

Parts of the 1959 movie A Summer Place were filmed at the home. 

Matthew Millman

Like the nearby coast, Carmel’s allure has ebbed and flowed, though Wright’s assessment of it as a community full of upper-middle class residents has, for the most part, remained true. Brad Pitt recently purchased a home in the area, which is reveled for its charming architecture and quaint atmosphere. Besides Frank Lloyd Wright’s contribution, the area is also home to the iconic Butterfly House, which is currently on the market for $40 million. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Mrs. Clinton Walker house was purchased by Esperanza Carmel LLC, a real estate investment and development firm that also owns other properties in the area. A group of Della Walker’s relatives were the sellers, and the listing was represented by Canning Properties Group with Sotheby’s International Realty.