Food blogger’s gingerbread house decorating Christmas party, using IKEA $7 kits, wows the internet

An Australian food blogger has impressed viewers with a $7 Christmas food hack.

Chef and nutritionist Tori Falzon, who runs Into The Sauce has gone viral on social media for her ‘Friendsmas’ celebration – a gingerbread-house-decorating night.

Falzon revealed she used the $7 VINTERSAGA gingerbread houses from Ikea. Moreover, the baking glue used to hold the houses together is also an Ikea find that can be snapped up for $3.

Watch the video above.

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Food blogger Tori Falzon put on a ‘Friendsmas’ get together with $7 Ikea gingerbread houses. (Instagram)

The baking glue is a game changer for those who struggle to keep their gingerbread houses constructed – a frustrating experience some of us have experienced.

The blogger showed a beautifully decorated hobby table from Spotlight set up with a number of deconstructed gingerbread houses.

“If you do one Christmas get together with your friends this year make it a gingerbread decorating night,” Falzon says in the clip.

By the end of the Instagram reel, the simple gingerbread blocks have transformed into dreamy confectionary creations.

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By the end of the clip, the budget-friendly gingerbread houses had been completely transformed. (Instagram)

Ikea describes their gingerbread houses as: “Probably Sweden’s most iconic Christmas decoration. A model house made of baked gingerbread dough. Decorate with icing and sweets.”

Ikea customers seem to love this product, with it having a whopping 72 reviews online averaging about 4.5 stars.

“It’s an easy kit to assemble and it looks great too,” one reviewer writes.

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Ikea’s gingerbread houses retail for $7. (Ikea)

“Gingerbread was so nice we ate it all before assembling it! Should have bought a couple more at the time. Good for kids’ kitchen projects at Christmas,” another reviewer says.

The $3 Ikea baking glue will come as a relief to those who have been struggling to keep their gingerbread houses together. 

In fact, one TikTok user disgusted viewers when they revealed they have been using a hot glue gun to keep their gingerbread house from collapsing.

“A hot glue gun is the only way to save the houses and your relationships,” the video was captioned.

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In another clip on TikTok, a user revealed that they use a hot glue gun to hold their gingerbread house together. (TikTok)

The use of a hot glue gun divided viewers under the video.

“YALL DONT EAT THEM???” one bewildered viewer writes.

“I’ve never in my life eaten a gingerbread house, just built them so I for one love this idea,” another viewer conversely says.

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