The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home – it’s where guests always gravitate to at parties, and the backdrop to our every day as we cook and spend time with family. Interior designer Emily Henderson has shared a surprising design tip to create a characterful kitchen that feels like it’s been built over time.

When thinking about kitchen design, there is an overwhelming number of components to consider, from lighting to layout, plug sockets to pantries. And it’s expensive, so you want to feel confident you’re not going to end up with something generic.

deVOL kitchen with mismatched cabinetry

(Image credit: deVOL)

‘I could talk about kitchens forever,’ she tells us in an interview as part of her work with PRESS Premium Alcohol Seltzer. The interiors expert has plenty of suggestions for making a kitchen feel unique and characterful, but our favorite was the point she makes about subtly mismatched design.

How can we make a kitchen feel characterful and curated?

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