Cleaning tips to get ready for the Pongal festival

Cleaning tips to get ready for the pongal festival!!!

In order to help you prepare for the festival, we’ve put together a list of some of the easiest and best cleaning methods. Start with the kitchen and work your way through the rest of the house. Make sure you have the additional necessities in order to simplify the cleaning process for you.

Next, get rid of all the unnecessary items. Organizing the crockery cupboards enables you to assess what you actually require for the residence. Another nice place to start is by dusting the neglected corners. 

Check out a few of these excellent cleaning advices to assist you get ready for the pongal festival:

Cleaning the kitchen: Use natural methods to clean the silver, brass, and copper utensils. Cleaning kitchen items with lemon juice or soap nuts is secure. Organize your kitchen by hanging a bag of potpourri if it smells. 

Any odour will be softly repelled by it.

Cleaning the living room: If there is any huge furniture there, gently shift it around so you can clean all sides. To clear the space of debris, you can vacuum it.

Add Colors: Use colourful cushions to liven up your furniture. Purchase a jewel-toned sari or dupatta to use as a cushion cover. The ideal cloth is one with metallic highlights or embellishments because it will give your property a much nicer and festive appearance.

Decoration with flowers: Adding fresh flowers to your home can help improve the colour and scent of the space. Make sure the area is clean and dust-free before placing the flowers to the doors and windows. 

However, since flowers attract mosquitoes, you can burn a few incense sticks to ward off the pesky insects. Once you have finished cleaning your entire home for pongal, decorate it with festival-themed items.