Business Spotlight: Midwest Modern Home Improvements

An independent carpenter is going into 2023 striving to make modern improvements to homes throughout Racine County and Southeastern Wisconsin.

Aric Langley, owner of Midwest Modern Home Improvements, a company that focuses on carpentry-based home improvement projects. – Credit: MMHI

Aric Langley opened Midwest Modern Home Improvements in September of 2022. He is heading into this new year with sincere hopes to establish quality relationships with those in his community by providing them with carpentry services they can trust.

“I’ve always been a person that likes to do hands-on things,” says the owner.

Now, at 27 years old, he’s paving the path to do what he’s always wanted: providing quality, modern improvements to homes in his community.

Honest and quality work

This young entrepreneur is looking forward to assisting homeowners with repairs, upgrades, and additions that they may need.

Within the past few months of opening his a business, Langley has focused his attention on remodels, constructing decks, windows, doors, interior and exterior trim, and more.

“I went into my business wanting to focus on finishing carpentry,” says the owner.

He explains this can look like completing various projects such as interior design touches, swapping an old door with a new one, flooring, tilework, additions, and other interior projects.

A before and after of a deck expansion that connects the pool to the house. – Credit: MMHI

Building a modern foundation

Need to refresh your basement? Give Aric a call. – Credit: MMHI

Langley, a lifelong resident of Racine County, enjoys being his own boss after years of building his professional experience working for Bower Design & Construction in Union Grove.

His main objective is to provide high-quality, honest, efficient work. When a project is complete, Langley’s goal is for both he and the client to feel confident in his craftsmanship and in the service they have received.

Langley does not provide electrical or plumbing work through Midwest Modern Home Improvements.

I will be honest with what I can do; I would not take on any projects that I’m not comfortable with. The only way I would send someone a quote is if I feel like I’m fully capable of doing the project at hand.

Aric Langley, Midwest Modern Home Improvements

A fireplace facelift. – Credit: MMHI

He’s a one-man show at this time serving as both the owner and lead carpenter, but takes pride in the close connection he is able to form with clients, being a small business and the sole employee.

“I am just getting my foot in the door. I want to build up a good reputation for my name,” says Langley.

Looking to update your bathroom and give it a modern look? – Credit: MMHI

With each remodel or new build, he provides enthusiasm and dedication and treats every job as if it was it was a project for his own home.

In the home improvement industry, finding reliable service and hiring someone you can trust can be overwhelming.

Langley prides himself in being a contact that is accessible and fair about the services he provides.

Looking for a unique way to add a little something special to your living space? Aric has innovative ideas to make it happen. – Credit: MMHI

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