Another cooking pot bought from NTUC FairPrice cracks while cooking, customer asks, ‘is it for cooking or decoration?’ –

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A customer took to social media after the cooking pot cracked while she was cooking, spilling soup all over her stove and kitchen.

Ms Tamz Loh wrote on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page on Wednesday (Oct 26), “NTUC FairPrice Errr, may I know if your pot is for cooking or decorative purpose?”

She added that she had used the pot less than five times before it broke.

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Moreover, the ceramic cooking pot, which has a Winnie-the-Pooh design, was not a free gift. “You need to spend a certain amount to get the points and still top up with cash,” Ms Loh wrote.

The pot is listed as retailing for $129.90, and Ms Loh got it after she earned 8 points at the grocery, plus a $59.90 cash top-up. For each point, one has to previously spend $30.

Photo from Ms Tamz Loh

She posted a photo of the broken pot and the soup that spread all over her stovetop. The pot seems to have a clean break all around, looking like it was almost cut in half a third of the way from its base.

“I’ve seen somewhere someone’s exact same pot broke too just didn’t thought it’d happen to me (very stubborn Ikr),” added Ms Loh.

In August, a TikToker posted a video that went viral that showed a similar pot breaking in the same way that Ms Loh’s had done.

She ended her post by warning, “Those with the same pot pls go get a refund or use it as a decoration pls!!!”

TISG reached out to Ms Loh, who said that she had heard a strange noise in the kitchen prior to the pot cracking.

“I’m very upset because on the box it clearly states that it’s suitable for stove,” she told us, sending us a photo of the box. “The fire was on medium high for about 10 minutes and it broke.”

Photo from Ms Tamz Loh

If the pot had not been safe for cooking, it should not have been marketed as such, she told TISG.

She also said that the incident was “Really upsetting from such a reputable supermarket and such a price… they sold us this type of quality

I sincerely hope they will refund me and if it’s not suitable for direct fire, they should put it up on their website or allow people to refund the item. I hope those who have the same item will be more careful when using it so as to prevent another incident from happening,” Ms Loh added.

TISG has also reached out to NTUC FairPrice for comment.

As for the incident last August, a TikToker who goes by @peanutbutter3009 posted a video of their mum’s new clay pot that “exploded on the table” after she had reheated some tofu.

They tagged @ntucsingapore as they had gotten the Winnie-the-Pooh clay pot as a redemption gift during a promo earlier this year.

“It may just be my mum’s luck.

Claypot explode on table after she heat up the claypot tofu,” wrote the TikToker. /TISG

‘Claypot explode on table after mum heat up tofu’ — Family shocked when their redeemed claypot gift cracked into two during use

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