9 Small Paris Apartments That Bring Big Style to Tiny Spaces

Just across from Notre-Dame, on Rue de la Bûcherie, Atelier Steve designed a chic 235-square-foot apartment for a student. Surprising textures, soft tones, and a variety of shapes are the building blocks here. Details such as a semicircular table and a curved shelf in the hallway add exciting twists to the not-so-thrilling floor layout.

The cabinets in the living room are made of oak, as are the parquet floor and bedroom door. Valérie Thiébault who lives and works in Bar-sur-Seine, upholstered the teak bench and armchairs in a sunny-yellow fabric.

Photo: Charlotte Robin

The street on which the apartment is located in the 6th arrondissement intersects with the Rue du Cherche-Midi. The name of the street hints at what you will find inside—“cherche midi” translates to “seeks midday” and was a reference to an old sign with a sundial. The newly remodeled apartment on the top floor is more than just bright—it’s sunny, and somehow Mediterranean, even in the middle of Paris. The furniture in the apartment is mostly vintage and fits ideally into the concept of sensual simplicity. Soft light falls over it all like a comfy blanket.

This story was originally published in AD France. Translated by John Oseid.