As you’re pondering bedroom design ideas, consider this: “Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room,” Mark Hampton, the famed interior designer, was quoted saying. This adage is perhaps nowhere more true than in the bedroom, a place of rest and retreat. “Of all the rooms in a home, bedrooms might have the most significant impact on well-being and mood,” says Ximena Rodriguez, principal and director of interior design of CetraRuddy in New York City. A chamber makeover needs calming elements that make it relaxing to rest in, but it also has to be a space that keeps you from waking up on the wrong side of the bed. 

You might think that streamlining a room’s purpose may require a large-scale overhaul. Not so. Simple changes like implementing clutter-reducing storage, a novel layout with bedside views of the outdoors, or even a plush area rug can go a long way toward creating a peaceful, mood-boosting bedroom that dreams are made of, Rodriguez adds.

“A bedroom is a unique anchor point of the home, a temple of sleep and rest, and an intimate place to express personality and create serenity,” says Andrew Bowen, partner and head of ASH Staging in New York City. To refresh the aesthetic of a bedroom in impactful ways, Bowen advises changing up the focal points through the clever use of texture, textiles, and color—all design components that don’t require a hard-core renovation. 

Below, nine innovative ideas from interior designers who know that updating your bedroom doesn’t have to be stressful or a 360-degree overhaul. Read on for tips on how headboard tweaks and inviting natural light are just a few of the examples that can transform your crammed bedroom into soothing quarters. 

Make the bed the pièce de résistance

This Gable Interiors bedroom demonstrates that the bed can anchor the entire room.

Photo: Maria Deforrest

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