7 Monochromatic Rooms That’ll Inspire You to Double Down on Your Favorite Color

“I was initially drawn to the unique green exterior,” says Candice Molayem, clothing designer and owner of Animal Crackers. “I had also seen photos of the inside when the previous owner lived there, and I loved her 1970s-style of decorating. The tall, slanted ceilings in the upstairs and the walk-in closet were huge draws, but really from the moment I stepped inside, I envisioned myself living there.”

Though a decked out, retro, 1970s interior might not draw everyone in, for Candice, this had always been a source of inspiration. “I have been fascinated by this era since I was a teenager,” she says. “It’s evolved a bit from the ’60s to the late ’70s and early ’80s disco era. For the past 10 years or so, I have also been very into retrofuturism. Everything from the 1970s feels like magic—the colors, shapes, and patterns all speak to me.”

So nearly four years ago, Candice and her partner moved into the green dream house. For a wider appeal, the interior had been painted completely white when it was put on the market, but with Candice moving in, she made sure to paint every wall in the place. And when she means every wall, she means every wall got color. The living room became cobalt blue, the bedroom became bright orange, the loft became neon green and was filled with neon green clothing and furniture. —Zoë Sessums

The inspiration for doing the painted headboard came from reading a blog post on the Jungalow. “The post talked about painting dots behind wall shelves, so we tried it and loved it so much we did it in the office too,” Dani Nagel says. “It even inspired us to start doing murals, and we’ve been doing bigger projects for conferences like Create & Cultivate.”

Photo: Jenna Peffley

Sure, this 2,000-square-foot apartment is on the top floor of a triplex, but that doesn’t stop Dani Nagel, founder of the fashion brand Dazey LA, and her boyfriend, Phillip Butler, from calling their home the “Dazeywood Penthouse.” Hidden in Beachwood Canyon, a community in the Hollywood Hills, the Spanish-style apartment was a magical find for Dani and her partner. “We were looking for a place with a lot of natural light and a big, open kitchen,” she says. “The guy who owns our building owns a lot of places in the area, and he showed us some things but they weren’t quite right.” Still, they loved talking to their soon-to-be landlord, and he stayed in touch. He followed up a few times and at one point convinced Dani and Phillip to see a place he hadn’t yet listed. Turns out it was this hidden gem.