MEDFORD, MA / ACCESSWIRE / September 8, 2021 / Most real estate investors know it takes a certain skill set and years of wisdom to be good (and get better) at their job.

Josue Velney of Winter Hill Homes is one of those real estate investors. He’s also a former Marine. During his 5 years of service, he saw three combat tours-two in Iraq and one pursuing pirates alongside the Navy.

That’s right, he chased pirates during his military career and holds insights about how his training as a Marine applies to being a real estate investor.

Velney learned four important lessons chasing pirates in the Marines: never stop training, stay flexible, value teamwork and practice sympathy and empathy. Let’s break these lessons ideas down:

Never stop training

The Marine Corps is big on staying in shape and always being ready for war, mentally and physically. The same is true for investors. Investors should never stop learning. That’s why Velney attends two to three masterminds each year, joins real estate webinars and learns from other real estate developers to improve and rise in the ranks in this field.

Stay flexible

When he received the pirate chasing mission, he along with his team had no idea that would be their mission. They were training for Afghanistan, peacekeeping, and mass casualty- instead, they ended up chasing pirates.

At the beginning of his investment career, his focus was on being a buy-and-hold investor. However, he soon realized he was sitting in the wrong seat and driving the company in the wrong direction. His company now focuses on construction management and developing raw land.

Staying flexible means being open to alternative paths that may suit your strengths and market conditions.

Value teamwork

Chasing pirates awarded Velney with his highest medal (Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal) but he couldn’t have done it without his team. His task force included Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and civilians.

The same is true for his company today. He focuses on creating the best team of architects, engineers, insurance agents, lenders, attorneys, accountants, and subcontractors to achieve company goals.

Practice sympathy and empathy

When Velney and his team chased pirates, they understood why they were kidnapping people and ships. They also understood they had a job to do.

In the same vein, real estate investors try to understand the seller’s motivation and situation. They try to solve the sellers’ problems without jeopardizing the health of the company. When working with the community and the city to get projects approved, everyone may not always agree on every detail, but Velney and his team work to find a reasonable outcome.

About Josue Velney

In addition to his 5 years of service in the Marines, Velney recently retired as a Fire Lieutenant after 12 years. He holds a degree in construction management from Wentworth Institute of Technology and is a licensed construction supervisor.

Velney started Winter Hills Homes, a construction management and real estate investing company, to teach those in his community how to set up generational wealth through real estate and build units to make housing more affordable in the greater Boston area.

Today, Winter Hill Homes is taking on more and more projects. Velney and his team have a 7-unit project, a 28 unit project with two other partners and a 4-unit project in Roxbury, Massachussets due to start in March 2022.

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