15 Colorful Living Room Ideas for Inspiration

Modern interior designs are going for the bland and neutral colors. However, that shouldn’t be the case always. Colorful décor brings energy, character, and fun into a home interior. Hence, if you do enjoy having a colorful living room, why not take it to the max?

By adding in different colorful accents, like wall art or chairs, you can liven up your space without overpowering your surroundings. With the right styling and color combinations, you can get trendy styles of today with the coloring you prefer.

This vibrant collection of colorful living rooms provides a powerful palette of inspiration and includes tips and ideas on how to design your very own colorful living room. Whether you are looking to make a bold statement or add a touch of color, keep reading to find the idea suits you mostly.

h/t: home-designing.com, www.wayfair.ca

Multicolor metallic mashup. This colorful contrast is like a candy shop of sweet sugars and bright foil wrappers.
With an easy eclectic aesthetic, anything goes. A yellow sofa, pink lounge chairs, a teal pouf, a multicolor rug… Whatever pieces you fall in love with, they’ll find a home here.
Botanical murals. Mother Nature is all about color, so why not take a leaf out of her book and paint a botanical wall mural in the living room.
A taste of the tropics. Palm fronds grow a colorful decor scheme in this home. A fuchsia pouf draws out their hue.
Enter the world of wallcoverings. There is an abundance of patterns, themes, and colors to choose from in the world of wallpaper and luxury wallcoverings. Dive in to make a real splash.
Another example of how large artwork can transform a simple space. Without these three commanding pieces of modern art, this living room would be a basic white box.
Muted saturations build colorful surroundings with a calm undertone.
Cool contrast is key. Play with shades to find interesting combinations, like this cool teal, butter yellow, and muted brick red palette.
Deep and dreamy. Deep teal and a dreamy mauve make a soothing combo.
Tone on tone. Layering different shades of the same color creates saturated depth.
Cut a sharp design with bright geometrics.
If you want to keep the vibe cheerful and mellow, opt for a light yellow. Choose decor items like faux plants or candles with minimal bold colors so that they won’t overpower the walls. Keep your larger furniture items like sofas or cabinets neutral to let the wall be the star of the room.
Bring back the fun and carefree vibe with psychedelic prints and bold colours. This effervescent and charming living room is a mix of mid-century modern furniture, bright colours and modern grey walls.
Keep your maximalist living room from looking overdone and tacky by keeping the general palette to three colours max – green and peach for this one, and to minimise on smaller accents.
A bright mix of pastel tones and candy shades. This delightful living room combines modern design elements with bright colours. The result is a sleek, clean and stunning modern living room without the dreary colours.