15 Bedroom Decorating Trends That Are Here To Stay

The bedroom has undergone a transformation, a renaissance, and a repurposing over the last couple of years. From serving as a home office, a classroom, and a gym in addition to sleeping space, people have never been more innovative and reflective with the potential of their bedrooms. People’s priorities have changed, with natural light and materials becoming as important as size. The appification of home design has also given anyone the power to curate their dream space, per Foyr. 

Whether it be warm and cozy or functional and dynamic, there are so many directions the bedroom can explore from a design perspective. Some colors and palettes come and go, but, as you will see, certain styles remain timeless and budget-friendly. And we want to give you all the ideas. So here are 15 of those design trends that are here to stay, and that you should most definitely have on your radar.

1. Bring on the green

Green is having a moment. From Dakota Johnson’s kitchen to the explosion of modern farmhouse, green is everywhere and the bedroom is no exception. A dramatic accent wall or rug is a great way to bring the outdoors into our bedroom with green.

2. The bath in the bedroom

As people sought to create a luxury experience within their homes over the last couple of years, the inclusion of a wet space has increased in popularity. Similar to the layout of a high-end hotel, this is a more extensive design choice that can be very attractive to certain individuals.

3. Whites and neutrals

Neutrals never die and this can be your Bohemian intro, so to speak. The soft textures, warm woods, and stellar natural light will always be in style and works particularly well for anyone on a budget designing their first place.

4. Architectural walls

Looking for a classic sensibility in the bedroom? Architectural walls, whether they be paneled or other, add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any bedroom. While this can be more extensive work and cost, it will add real character to the space.

5. Warm and moody hues

While certain warm colors in super saturated doses can cause sensory overload, slightly muted warm tones can be a great palette for a bedroom. Reds and oranges inspire passion and creativity and can work wonderfully in a bedroom, especially one with natural light.

6. Warm slat wall

A prevailing design trend of the modern farmhouse, the slat wall is a great way to break away from the boring white wall trend and bring something organic and soothing to the room. It can also be a DIY project, depending on the kind of wall you decide to install.

7. Wooden beams

Curating a cozy bedroom? Wooden beams can complete a fantastic bedroom and can work with transitional, Mediterranean, and several other bedroom aesthetics. Especially for a spacious bedroom, this can create a sense of intimacy and warmth.

8. Venetian plaster

A dreamscape beyond compare, Venetian plaster can almost resemble a wall of water when placed in the right room. It shimmers, offers dimension, and is a captivating design trend for a classy and captivating space.

9. Rounded headboard

Is your bedroom feeling a bit dated and stale? Change up the headboard. A rounded headboard, specifically, can add a fun and youthful energy to the room, especially if the rest of the bedroom is consumed with sharp lines.

10. Mid-century modern

It’s the one style that never goes out of trend. The stylish legs, funky wallpaper, and sparse pops of color — mid-century modern will make any bedroom cooler. Vintage and thrift pieces can be easily found to create this palette.

11. Add in a swing

Bohemian vibes can always be fun, and a swing can be a great addition as a reading nook or architectural feature to the room. Instead of a couch, the swing can offer something different while providing a whimsical feel.

12. Naturalistic wallpaper

While some wallpaper patterns can feel a bit overwhelming, a nature backdrop with subdued tones can be an amazing addition to a bedroom. With mists, soft greens, and pops of gold, a naturalistic wallpaper scene can offer a classic but stylish backdrop to your room.

13. Black accent wall

Is the bedroom feeling stale or lacking a dynamic quality? A black accent wall can add a modern and fun edge to a bedroom and offer a whole new vibe for your existing furniture pieces. 

14. Floating shelves

Perhaps you prefer a more classic aesthetic, but want to include little touches that show the bedroom has been kept updated. Floating bedside shelves are a great detail for achieving this goal. They’re a subtle, but effective way to combine organic and timeless materials with a sleek design.

15. A pop of art

Examine the existing palette in your room. Utilize color theory to determine the opposite color that fits your main palette and build a statement piece of art around that color. This can be a dynamic and exciting way to add some energy and contrast to the room.