14 kitchens without wall cabinets that still have storage

It’s the nature of the job that we should constantly be looking at interior design trends – spotting upcoming shapes, textures, colors, patterns, etc. So recently, when looking over and bringing together the most gorgeous kitchens we have come across in the last few months we noticed a very clear parallel between all the spaces. And it wasn’t tile, or cabinet color, or the materials used, but it was the fact that not a single one had any wall cabinetry. 

Expands of glorious bare (or almost bare) walls gave all these kitchens without wall cabinets an openness and lightness and a more informal approach to kitchen design. So again, as is the nature of the job we had to explore this trend a bit deeper. Because it looks lovely – the next 14 modern kitchens are about to prove that – but is cutting away half your kitchen a practical choice? Can this design actually work in a hardworking kitchen? And what can you bring into your kitchen instead of wall cabinets?