11 Genius Decorating Ideas to Steal From Designer Showhouses This Year

Children’s room by JDK Interiors at the Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Candy Coated Dreams is the apt name that Jenny Dina Kirschner of JDK Interiors chose for her fantastical children’s room, and indeed, the vast mural backdropping the staggered custom upholstered headboard that stretches the entire wall conjures a large and old-fashioned lollipop in swirls of yellow, blue, green, and pink. Hand-painted by Adam Sultan, the artwork is “inspired by childhood memories” of the circus, cotton candy, and carousel rides, Kirschner shares, and “the ultimate goal was to evoke pure joy.” At the same time, the mural maximizes space, cloaking the walls and low ceilings that Kirschner knew “would have to be treated as one outrageously unique element.”

Home office and den by A-List Interiors

Photo: Alan Barry Photography

Home office and den by A-List Interiors at Holiday House NYC

During the day, it’s an office, but at night this room morphs into a den. At all times, it’s classy with an Old-World Italian feel, thanks to objects such as a Murano mirror and a credenza topped in Calacatta Viola marble. “Unlike a large home outside of the city, we don’t typically have the luxury of separate spaces for a study and a den in a Manhattan apartment,” explains A-List Interiors founder Anelle Gandelman of her decision to design a seamless multi-purpose space for the penthouse. The wallpaper, with its pattern of sweeping cypress trees, “visually expands the small footprint of the room,” Gandelman says. The terra-cotta Venetian plaster exudes a “warmth that sets the stage for the intimacy we created,” whether it be to work on the laptop or savor a cocktail.

Laundry room by Noel Pittman Design