The best bedside lamps can brighten up any bedroom, but bedroom lighting is capable of much more. Smart bulbs can give your room an instant makeover or set any mood, while sunlight lamps are designed to wake you up in a more natural way. And some lamps even double as smart speakers that you can use to play the perfect going-out soundtrack. Let’s discover how to make your bedroom brighter, more colourful and more you.

1. Don’t be too direct

When you want to create a cosy ambience, indirect lighting can be really effective. Today’s best smart bulbs enable you to adjust the brightness, whiteness and colour (if you have coloured bulbs) with the flick of a finger or a word to your smart speaker. We’re fond of the Philips Hue range, whose bulbs are available for every conceivable fitting and whose siblings include LED light strips and LED lamps, all controlled from the same app or smart speaker. If you’d rather do it more cheaply there are great options from brands such as Lifx too (see how they compare to the market leaders in our Philips Hue vs Lifx bulbs showdown).

bedroom lighting tips: Philips Hue Iris lamp

(Image credit: Philips)

2. Think in threes