It’s that time of year again where students head back to college, and for many of them, back to the dorm. If you’ve every been in a dorm room, you know just how small they are, only outfitted with the basics. It’s important to make the room feel like home but it’s also just as important to make it functional. From wall storage to rugs, charging hubs to Bluetooth speakers, we’ve got all the dorm room essentials every college student needs.

wood wall organizer with red elastic holders

BUNGEE Board Large by MARdiROS
A unique storage organizer for all the small things, like your ID, passport, photos or mail, with flexible cords to hold everything in place on the wall.

vibrant rug in shades of green, pink and lavendar

Mix Teklan Rug by Heymat
Cold floors are the worst when waking up early in the morning for classes so add a fun rug for your feet and to dress the tiny room up.

braun digital alarm clock with charging dock

Digital Clock / Wireless Charging Dock BC21 by Braun
Double duty items are perfect for small spaces and this digital clock will not only wake you up in the morning, it will charge your phone in the meantime.

lamp with a diffuser for essential oils

Smart Diffuser Lamp by Gingko
Another 2-for-1 design, this portable lamp diffuses your favorite essential oil while emitting a warm glow to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Unless it’s time to study and then choose a citrus oil to keep your energy up.

oversized screw wall hanger with headphones

Screw Up Cross Hook by cloudnola
You can never have enough wall hooks when you’re living in a small space that lacks storage. This wooden one resembles an oversized Phillips head screw adding a playful decoration to your wall.

desk with tech devices and charging hub

Icon Power Hub by Usbepower
Whether it’s a hotel or a dorm room, there are never enough sockets to charge your devices so having something like this charging cube, with 2 universal sockets for plugs from 150 countries, 2 USB-A ports and 2 USB-C ports, is a must have.

pink cartoon planter with succulent

Bella Planter by Ohio Workshop
Just because space is at a premium doesn’t mean you can’t add a plant to the mix. This adorable planter is 3D printed and will hold your favorite air plant or succulent. If pink isn’t your color, it also comes in gray and white.

box with rotating wooden lid holding glasses, a watch and AirPods

Revov Magnetic Rotating Box by mordeco
This compact box will hold all of your important and not-so-important things in one spot. Hide away your jewelry or passport below while placing your keys and AirPods above on the rotating lid.

round wall mirror with black tab

Reflect Mirror Black by cloudnola
This easy-to-hang mirror can reside above your dresser or by the door for quick checks before heading out into the world.

standing desktop speaker with walnut shell

Mini Halo One Bluetooth Speaker by Gingko
Music is life for many of us and this compact Bluetooth speaker delivers the goods from an aesthetically pleasing design.

blue candle with box

Student Loans Candle by Cancelled Plans
For the parents and the students paying their own way through school, this is for you!

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