10 Black Living Room Ideas That Make a Moody Statement

Create a bold look with black paint, furniture, and decor.

<p>Brie Williams</p>

As the heart of the home, your living room design should reflect your personal style and make a statement. No matter your preferred design style, adding pops of black is a surefire way to turn your living room into the focal point of the home. Despite the myth that dark colors visually shrink the size of a space, black accents can visually expand a room and evoke elegance, and—just like clothing—it’s a classic neutral that will never go out of style.

If you’re looking to incorporate darker hues into your sitting area but aren’t sure where to start, these black living room ideas will inspire you to take the leap.


Black and White Living Room

<p>Brie Williams</p>

Opposites attract, so opt for a monochromatic living room with a black-and-white color scheme. An oversized black bookcase and black window frames pop against bright white walls, and a white ceiling helps balance out dark floors. Play with accessories, such as black-trimmed Roman shades, a duckbill pendant light, and patterned vases, when creating contrast in a black living room.


Black with Jewel Tones

<p>Greg Scheidemann</p>

Create a glam living room by pairing black walls with rich jewel-tone accessories. Jewel tones are highly saturated and bring a lot of depth to a space, especially when paired with black. An emerald loveseat, sapphire flooring, and bursts of ruby accessories all stand out against dark walls, which help ground the space.


Black and Gold Color Scheme

<p>Brie Williams</p>

There’s a reason that the combination of matte black and gold is trending right now: It’s chic, timeless, and gives an air of opulence. Pair black walls with metallic accents, such as an end table, wall art, and geometric pendant light. Bring softness into the space through gold velvet armchairs and throw pillows, and floor-to-ceiling curtains. To make the room feel extra luxurious, install picture frame molding on the walls before painting them with high-gloss black paint.


Black Ceiling

<p>Jim Franco</p>

Not ready to fully commit to black living room walls but still want to include the color somewhere in the space? Look up. A black ceiling is a subtle yet strong design choice. Neutral walls and floors help tone down the look, while paneled curtains and sky-high mirrors draw the eye upwards. Lucite accents and pops of blush tones bring a feminine feel that balances out the bold, black ceiling.


Traditional Style

<p>Ali Harper</p>

Black is a classic neutral. Use it to set the scene in a formal sitting room by painting built-in bookcases in rich black paint. The color creates a focal point and provides a solid backdrop for furniture and decor. Vertical shiplap behind the shelves adds even more depth to the space. Keep the rest of the room simple with minimalist furniture pieces and a barely-there animal-hide area rug.

Chalkboard Aesthetic

<p>Jay Wilde</p>

Bring out your inner child with a black-and-white chalkboard-inspired design. Use black chalkboard paint to recreate the pattern in this living room or make it all your own. Or, consider using black patterned wallpaper to create a statement. Stick to one accent wall to avoid overwhelming the space, but paint the rest of the walls in the same solid shade. Stick with the black and white motif with a striped accent rug and matching couch pillows.


Unexpected Combination

<p>Annie Schlechter</p>

Black alone certainly isn’t boring, but you can spice it up even more with pops of unexpected color for a moody space. The moss-green sofa, rust-red rug, and animal-print armchairs against solid charcoal walls create an eclectic look in this black living room. A mix of plants and flowers adds a warm touch and keeps the dark hues from overwhelming the space.

Black Living Room Accents

<p>John Merkl</p>

To make a statement without creating a dark cave, layer color throughout a black living room. Start with matte black walls as the base, then start building layers. Add a few more black accent pieces, such as this gorgeous glass-paneled armoire and pair of unique table lamps. Then counter the dark elements by sprinkling a few bright colorful accents throughout the room.

Rustic Design

<p>David Greer</p>

When you think of a rustic cottage, you might picture shades of beige and brown. Consider modernizing the look by pairing black paint with brown furniture and accents. With black walls, bookcases, and window trim as the backdrop, furniture and accessories in muted, natural hues shine. Leather cognac armchairs, a distressed coffee table, and an espresso pendant light bring warmth to the space.


Refined Living Room

<p>John Bessler</p>

An all-black living room exudes sophistication. For a formal living room or study, choose black paint that has a hint of brown to soften it. Lay down a light-colored area rug to soften dark floors, and opt for a tan ceiling for balance. Leather chairs, mahogany tables, and a marble fireplace create a smart yet soothing atmosphere.