The proposals for the wholesale redevelopment of land at Wildern Mill comprise both retail and residential elements. It is the intention to submit one planning application to cover all aspects of the scheme. For more detail regarding proposed timeframes, please see our What Next? page. The images above provide an indication of the design, layout and quality of the scheme, including transport proposals and the site masterplan. As the designs evolve through the public consultation process, updated and further images will be added to this website. Please click on the scrolling image or the relevant thumbnail to view a larger version.

The plans at a glance

The retail scheme:

  • Mixed retail ‘home and garden’ format with coffee shop
  • 3,300 sqm ground floorspace, plus conservatory area, garden centre and two mezzanine areas
  • Approximately 250 car parking spaces
  • Providing between 240 and 290 jobs
  • Providing a range of flexible part-time and full-time jobs and training/apprenticeship opportunities
  • Accessed from Charles Watts Way

The residential scheme:

  • Providing approximately 50 units, predominantly comprising houses
  • A range of housing types to suit the needs of young professionals, first time buyers and families
  • Good levels of on-plot, off-street and pooled car parking proposed to accord with relevant standards
  • Significant open space and amenity space provided within the development
  • Existing woodland and nature designations safeguarded
  • Accessed from Turnpike Way

There will also be significant job creation associated with construction (approximately 130 jobs over three years) and site management (landscaping and building management in particular).

The proposals represent a significant step forward for Hedge End. By bringing a long term derelict site back into productive use, providing a prestigious, strategic retail development and a residential scheme that complements its surroundings, we hope that residents will embrace the proposals and the opportunities for the locality that they create. For more details on how to comment on our plans at this pre-application stage, please see our Get Involved page.